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Name: Emilia Clarke

Birth date: 23 of October 1986 (32 y.o.)

Place of birth: London, UK

Height: 157 cm Weight: 52 kg

Birth Sign: Libra

Chinese zodiac: Tiger

Occupation: actress

Photo: Emilia Clarke

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Emilia Clarke’s Biography

Emilia Clarke is a British theater and cinema actress, who gained a world-wide popularity after the TV-series “Game of Thrones” release, where the girl starred the character of Daenerys Targaryen, mother of dragons.
Charming Emilie Clarke with her nature hair colorCharming Emilie Clarke with her nature hair color

Emilia Clarke’s Childhood and Youth

Emilia Clarke came into the world in noisy and crowded London. However, she spent her childhood in a small heartland Berkshire, a place distant from the British capital.
Young Emilia Clarke was entranced by theatreYoung Emilia Clarke was entranced by theatre
Emilia Clarke parents’ dedication deserves respect. On the moment his daughter was born, her father bridged a large gap between a working-class kid to a sound designer, supervising big-budget musicals. The future actress’ mother went to secretarial college on the initial stage of her career. Later on, she started her own business.
Rmilie Clarke with her motherRmilie Clarke with her mother
As Emily recollects, she was three years old when she visited her father at the working place for the first time. Being trapped and fascinated by the offstage world, the girl couldn’t imagine her life without theater anymore.
Emilia Clarke childhood picEmilia Clarke childhood pic
From her earliest years, Emilia gained a grasp of the acting profession by picking up Drama and Theatre Studies at the St Edward's Oxford school. The local stage was the first to open arms to a girl, who featured two theater performances there.
She began her career with theatreShe began her career with theatre
In 2004, after a senior prom, Emilia Clarke came back to the capital to enter the Drama Centre London, which serves as Alma Mater for a great number of famous actors, as Tom Hardy, Paul Bettany, and JamesMcAvoy’s spouse Anne-Marie Duff.

Emilia Clarke’s Theatrical Debut

Being a student, Emilia Clarke was noted for remarkable roles on the stage of London Drama. In 2007, the actress won the role of Anna Petrovna in Anton Chekhov’s drama “Wild Honey” adaptation (this drama is widely recognized under the name “Fatherlessness” in CIS countries). All critics and tutors supported warmly her acting debut and soon Emilia Clarke became one of the always-performing actresses of the theater troupe.
On sceneOn scene
In the same 2007 year, she got a meaningful role of Eliza Doolittle in Bernard Show’s drama “Pygmalion.” This was a watershed event after which many film directors began offering the young actress multiple scenarios, inviting her to play roles in their performances.
Performances with Emilia Clarke had sold-outPerformances with Emilia Clarke had sold-out
During the next couple of years, the actress took part in eight different performances. The roles in “EmiliaGalotti”, “Awake and Sing”, “A Midsummer Night's Dream” are recognized as the most successful works of this period. Her cooperation with two Russian theater practitioners Oleg Mirochnikov (“The Government Inspector”) and Vladimir Mirodan (“The Changeling”, “Hamlet”) was also name worthy.

The Beginning of Emilia Clarke’s Movie Career

In 2009, TV-viewers could see Emilia Clarke on the screen for the first time. The young actress’ first film work was a small role of Saskia Mayer in a soap opera “Doctors”. It was hard to call her TV-debut a failure, though the role didn’t bring her popularity.
The first Emilia Clarke's TV role (Doctors)The first Emilia Clarke's TV role (Doctors)
In 2009, after getting a diploma of Drama Centre London, Emilia Clarke left London for Los Angeles. Having arrived at the movie stars’ home, the actress was accepted into the troupe of the oldest non-profit repertory theater company of Hollywood, named Company of Angels. During this period, featuring in the drama “Sense”, which was welcomed by critics, was the first and the only work of young British lady.
«Tiffany's Breakfast»«Tiffany's Breakfast»
At the beginning of 2010, the girl took a short time-out in the theater and made a new attempt to hit the cinema market by starring in the film “Triassic Attack”. This time, the girl appeared on the screen in the role of brave Savannah, a young woman who had to fight desperately with the dinosaurs, accidentally brought to life.

Golden Age of Emilia Clarke’s Career. Daenerys Targaryen

In 2010, 24-year-old Emilia Clarke rented a small apartment with her friends and had six side jobs to afford paying rentals. However, she didn’t lose the hope to get an interesting offer one day.
Young actress in dawn of her career Young actress in dawn of her career
And so it was. One night, the girl’s phone rang. She heard the voice of her agent from the other end, who stunned a young actress. He told her that the HBO channel is in search for a girl to play the role of DaenerysTargaryen in the screen version of the George Martin novel. The casting was held the other day. The agent emphasized: “You must have a role in “Game of Thrones”!

Emilia had no idea, whom she had to play under the film directors’ picky eyes. The first thing, which she did was visiting Wikipedia and reading the appropriate article. Soon she realized that the character was almost the brightest one in the film plot and that she certainly must agree to play it.
Emilia Clarke on fillming «Game of Thrones»Emilia Clarke on fillming «Game of Thrones»
During the audition, the casting director watched the girl’s play, who performed two dialogs from the scenario, with enthusiasm. As soon as the audition was over, he came up to her and told her: “You play is brilliant, but let’s see, how you would look like with fair hair instead of black one.”
Emilia Clarke in movie and in real lifeEmilia Clarke in movie and in real life
“I nearly died of joy when I got this role”, - Emily confessed. The shooting started. It was full of hourly flights, hullabaloo, and new emotions. The girl was on the top of the world.
Emilia Clarke: backstage
Ash-grey Daenerys Targaryen performed by Emilia Clarke looked perfect in all dressings. No matter, whether she was strolling the garden in the silky toga, riding a horse in plain woolen clothes, or being absolutely nude for playing sensitive episodes. However, it was not only an attractive appearance, that brought her love of a million viewers. Emilia’s character bribed them with the dedication, bravery and amazing ability to balance on the edge of cruelty and mercy.
Emilia Clarke as a Mother of DragonsEmilia Clarke as a Mother of Dragons
Two episodes later, the actress has signed a contract for starring in the second and third seasons. Either film directors or critics were enamored of her acting and did not hesitate to nominate her on various TV awards. By 2015, her award collection was added by the Emmy statuette and the Saturn award both given for the Best Supporting Actress on Television.

Emilia Clarke crushed the AskMen’s list of the top 99 Most Desirable Woman of 2012.
On of the most desired women on planetOn of the most desired women on planet
Between filming in new seasons, Emilia starred in two British films: the musical drama “Spike Island” (2012) and the comedy “Dom Hemingway” (2013), sharing the triumph with Jude Law and Richard Grant.
The frame from «Spike Island»The frame from «Spike Island»
Of course, major Hollywood film directors were interested in Emilia Clarke too. Not long before accepting a proposal to play a role of Sarah Connor in the epic blockbuster “Terminator: Genisys” in 2013, the girl suffered a brain aneurysm. However, this was not an obstacle for her. The actress was afraid that she will be unwittingly compared with Linda Hamilton, her predecessor cast in the first two episodes of the franchise. Nevertheless, the fears did not come true since Emily formed the organic creative union both with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Clarke (Emilia and Jason are just namesakes, not relatives).
Emilia Clarke with Arnold SchwarzeneggerEmilia Clarke with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Emilia Clarke’s Private Life

Since September 2012, the actress has dated with a famous Hollywood film director and animator SethMacFarlane. Their relationships developed rapidly, but in March 2013, the couple announced their breakup. As was noted by some journalists, the reason for that was supposedly Emilia Clarke’s love affair with actor Kit Harington, famous for his role of Jon Snow in “Game of Thrones”.
Emilia Clarke with Seth MacfarlaneEmilia Clarke with Seth Macfarlane
Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington’s relationships had been a favorite subject of discussion of the curious fans for several years. They were often seen together, discussing something at a cup of coffee or strolling along the streets. Besides, they came together to all pink parties, where a complete cast of episodes was invited. The actors have denied the rumors about their love affair; Emilia stated that all the members of the crew became her family and she feels equally warmly towards Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Waldau, and Richard Madden.
Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington are good friendsEmilia Clarke and Kit Harington are good friends
In early April 2016, rumors about Daenerys and Jon’s relationships were finally dispelled: Kit Harington went in public with his colleague, working on the same shooting stage, Rose Leslie, who played the role of wild Ygritte.
With Kit Harington and Rose LeslieWith Kit Harington and Rose Leslie

Emilia Clarke Today

In 2016, Emilia Clarke was busy starring in the sixth season of “Game of thrones” and also worked on the films “Me Before You” and “Voice from the Stone”. In Jule 2017 she appeared in 7th season.
Emilia Clarke without makeupEmilia Clarke without makeup
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