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Kit Harington

Name: Kit Harington

Birth date: 26 of December 1986 (33 y.o.)

Place of birth: Acton, London, England

Height: 5'8 ft

Weight: 159 lb

Birth Sign: Capricorn

Chinese zodiac: Tiger

Career: Actors 112th


Photo: Kit Harington

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The Biography of Kit Harington

Christopher Catesby Harington is a British actor, who gained wide popularity after the HBO film adaptation of fantasy saga by George Martin «The Game of Thrones». Many pages in the biography of this English actor still remain in the shadows – no wonder because this guy even was not going to become an actor!
The actor's full name – Christopher Catesby Harington
The actor's full name – Christopher Catesby Harington

The Childhood

And yet, it seems that genetics led Kit into the big cinema. The mother of the future artist, Deborah Jane was a writer and from an early age instilled in her son a love for a theater. Moreover, Kit Harington’s family tree also has other prominent representatives, because it has been calculating since the XVI century. For instance, Kit's father, David Richard, was a successful businessman, and actor's uncle Sir Nicholas John Harington even had the title of baronet.
Baby photo of Kit Harington
Baby photo of Kit Harington
Since 1992, Keith attended Southfields primary school, and in 1998, the boy with his family had to move from his native London in a town called Wooster, where he entered Chantry High School. Keith has participated in school productions, most of all he was impressed by the play «Waiting for Godot» by Beckett, but to become an actor was not in his plans.
The young Kit Harington
The young Kit Harington
The boy could not decide his vocation for a long time, hesitating between the desire to become a journalist or a military correspondent, or a cameraman. Nevertheless, a few years after graduation, he took a firm decision to become an actor, a true master of the dramatic art.

Kit Harington's youth

In 2005, Keith returned to London and began studying in one of the most prestigious acting schools in the UK — The Royal School of Speech and Dramatic Art, which alumni include such prominent actors as Lawrence Olivier and Judi Dench.
Thanks to the bright appearance of the actor he was quickly noticed
Thanks to the bright appearance of the actor he was quickly noticed
Kit made a first appearance on stage in 2008, playing Albert Narracott in the play «War Horse» (which was in 2011 directed by Steven Spielberg) by the prestigious Royal National Theatre. The role, in general, was highly appreciated by critics and fans of theatrical art, and the young actor supposed to have a great future.
Kit Harrington as Albert Narrakott
Kit Harrington as Albert Narrakott
After a series of less prominent roles, the actor has gained recognition as Ed Montgomery — the character from the play «Posh».

The perks of being John Snow

In 2010 the young actor was noticed by the producers of the film adaptation of a fantasy saga «A Song of Ice and Fire». Even though it was Kit’s debut in the cinema, his role of a bastard from Starks was a bombshell as well as this box office hit. His character, John Snow, conquered the audience with his dedication and courage, and millions of girls around the world could not take their eyes from the Kit's expressive face and his coal-black curly hair. By the way, in the first season, Kit Harington starred in the wig, but to the second season, he has already grown his own «mane».
The role of John Snow brought fame to Kit Harington
The role of John Snow brought fame to Kit Harington
However, participation in the cultic series did not prevent the young actor from unsuccessful projects. In 2012 he made his debut in a feature film playing in the horror film «Silent Hill 2». The picture flopped at the box office, causing a lot of disturbances even among the loyal fans of this story. Kit Harington also was not considered a director’s godsend and was accused of unconvincing acting; even Sean Bean who was involved into the first part of the horror and was a Kit’s partner on the set of «Game of Thrones» also could not save the situation.
Kit Harington in «Silent Hill»
Kit Harington in «Silent Hill»
In 2014, Keith continued to improve his skills by acting in historical dramas «Pompeii» and «Testament of Youth», as in a fantasy film by Sergei Bodrov-Sr. «Seventh Son» with Ben Barnes in the lead. But if the John Snow’ appearance on the screens constantly arousing a genuine audience’ interest, other projects featuring Kit Harington were often incomprehensible to the public.
Kit Harington's new film, «Testament of Youth»
By 2014, many critics labeled Kit as a «not much of an actor», although that opinion slightly changed for the better after the comedy «7 Days in Hell», where the young actor had to act already in the present reality. However, 2015 the spy thriller «Spooks: The Greater Good» made Harrington again to fend off a flurry of criticism. «You do not know anything, John Snow!»,wrote the disappointed fans in their hearts.
Kit Harington in the movie «Spooks: The Greater Good»
Kit also voiced a character named Eret in the second part of the popular cartoon «How to train your dragon» (2010).
Kit Harington and Eret from «How to train your dragon-2»
Kit Harington and Eret from «How to train your dragon-2»
While filming in the sixth season of «Game of Thrones» Kit Harington also participate in other large-scale projects: «The Death and Life of John F. Donovan» with Jessica Chastain and Natalie Portman and detective thriller «Brimstone» with Guy Pearce and Dakota Fanning in the leading roles.

Private life of Kit Harington

For a long time, this Keith Harrington's part of life remained closed from others. It is quite natural that many fans «wooed» him to Emilia Clarke, the beautiful Daenerys in «The Game of Thrones». The young actors have often been seen together in public, however, they only laughed at the speculation of fans. «We're just good friends, like everybody in Westeros», joked Kit.
Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington are just friends
Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington are just friends
He has also been repeatedly caught in the company of Rose Leslie who played the role of the «wildling» Ygritte. Although the actors did not give any comments, fans of the series wanted to believe that a fictional love story turned into a real romance. In April 2016 Keith and Rose finally delighted fans by announcing their relationship.
A romance of Kit Harington and Rose Leslie continued in a real life
A romance of Kit Harington and Rose Leslie continued in a real life

Kit Harington today

The actor admitted that it is hard for him to get rid of the image of John Snow, but he does not intend to despair.
John Snow was the guest of Seth Meyers
In 2017 Kit played a leading role in the historical mini-series «Gunpowder», dedicated to the famous Gunpowder plot of 1605. Kit appeared in the role of Robert Catesby, one of the leaders of the anti-state conspiracy. One of his partners on the set was beautiful Liv Tyler.

The audience will have pleasure to watch the final eighth season of «Game of Thrones» just until winter 2019 is coming. Also he will play the main character in Xavier Dolan’s drama «The Death and Life of John F. Donovan».
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