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Name: Sophie Turner

Birth date: 21 of February 1996 (23 y.o.)

Place of birth: Northampton, England, U.K.

Height: 175 cm Weight: 57 kg

Birth Sign: Pisces

Chinese zodiac: Rat

Occupation: actress

Photo: Sophie Turner

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Biography of Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner had become famous after the role of Sansa Stark in a high-budget project of HBO Game of Thrones, but soon the actress stood before the audience in new roles and became one of the most promising young actresses in Hollywood.
The actress Sophie Turner confidently looks at her futureThe actress Sophie Turner confidently looks at her future

The Childhood

Sophie Turner was born in Northampton County, but when she was 2 years old, her family moved to Warwickshire. The mother of the future actress, Sally Turner, was a nursery school teacher and worked with children, who had special needs. The father, Eddie Turner, had his own business. Two older brothers James and Will took care of Sophie, and the actress described her childhood as carefree fun: "We had a pigsty, barns and a paddock, and we used any opportunity to muck around in the mud."
The childhood of Sophie Turner was funThe childhood of Sophie Turner was fun
Sophie admitted that she had lost her "half" before the birth. When Sally Turner became pregnant for the third time, doctors pleased the future parents – they expected twins. But something went wrong and one of the twins was not born.
The young Sophie Turner with her natural hair colorThe young Sophie Turner with her natural hair color
In early childhood, the actress suffered from trichotillomania and once completely plucked her eyelashes. Having become an adult, she burned all her child's photos, where she had no eyelashes.
Sophie Turner in her childhood and nowSophie Turner in her childhood and now
At the age of 3, Sophie had already been an actress in the troupe of children’s theater Playbox. "There was an amazing atmosphere. In the theater the child was not being made an actor, he or she was allowed to be themselves," remembered her first stage experience the future Hollywood star.
Sophie Turner (on the left) in Sophie Turner (on the left) in "Scary Play" of Playbox, 2009
Turner attended Warwick Prep School, where she was also actively participating in the children’s drama club. The most vivid impression of her school theatrical life became a performance of "The Wizard of Oz", where the young actress played a part of the Scarecrow.
Sophie Turner rare pics
When Sophie was 11 years old, she went to school for girls, King's High School, where she met her best friend India. The girl continued attending classes in Playbox, and her acting teacher told his students about the casting in a large project of HBO TV channel Game of Thrones.

The Beginning. Game of Thrones

In 2011, 15-year-old Sophie Turner appeared on the big screen in the role of Sansa Stark. To become a part of the main casting of the largest project in the history of the Drama series, the girl had to dye from a blonde-haired person to a red-haired beast. The new hair color was so good that the actress decided not to change it.
Millions of people remembered Sophie Turner as Sansa StarkMillions of people remembered Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark
Sophie became one with her character: "Sansa and I grew up together. Reading the script, I can cry when something happens. It is a real connection between us – I feel everything that she feels."

The girl auditioned together with Maisie Williams, who got the role of Sansa’s younger sister – Arya Stark. On the set, Sophie met two new friends – Natalie Dormer and Lena Headey.
Sophie: Sophie: "I don't know whether my character will die according to the script"
After the end of shooting the first season, based on the book A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. Martin, the star took home the dog, played her dire wolf Lady, and named a new pet Zunni.
Sansa Stark and her dire wolf Lady outside the setSansa Stark and her dire wolf Lady outside the set
Game of Thrones had not only helped the young British woman to become the world celebrity and be nominated for several prestigious awards but also allowed to gain financial independence – now Turner has a small apartment in London.
Sophie Turner is the owner of a private apartment in LondonSophie Turner is the owner of a private apartment in London
In 2013 Turner starred as the main character in the thriller Another Me, based on the novel of the same name by Catherine MacPhail. In the same year, she also starred as Adeline in the movie The Thirteenth Tale.
Sophie Turner in the movie Another MeSophie Turner in the movie Another Me
In 2015 Kyle Newman invited the actress to star in his adventurous action movie Barely Lethal. Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Alba and Samuel L. Jackson became her partners on the set.
Barely Lethal: Sophie Turner and Hailee SteinfeldBarely Lethal: Sophie Turner and Hailee Steinfeld
Turner has admitted that she very rarely watches the movies with her participation because she always criticizes her play. When her parents, devoted fans of Games of Thrones, are watching the next episode, she has to go to another room.
Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams became the best girlfriendsSophie Turner and Maisie Williams became the best girlfriends
Becoming a successful person, Sophie Turner had to study with her teachers remotely: during the breaks among shootings, the actress was doing her homework, and then she sent it to school. After graduating from King's High School young star was planning to continue her studies at the university – the actress believed that "she had not reached the stage in her career when she could stop working and start studying," and she intended to learn History or Psychology at high school.
Sophie Turner is planning to enter the universitySophie Turner is planning to enter the university
The actress finds a red carpet to be "the most terrible and demoralizing" place in the world. For the first time without a habit, she felt uncomfortable and was shy to pose, so her stylist was joking that Sophie should go to school "We Teach Celebrities to Stand Properly".
Sophie Turner feels unconfident on the red carpetSophie Turner feels unconfident on the red carpet
In 2016 except participation in the sixth season of Games of Thrones the actress starred in other three movies – The Lonely, Mary Shelley’s Monster and X-Men: Apocalypse, where Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender became her partners on the shooting. Sophie Turner had to play Jean Grey, a girl-mutant with telepathic abilities.
Movie trailer X-Men: Apocalypse with Sophie Turner
Sophie has admitted many times that she wants to play Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn in the future.
Sophie Turner for GQ (2016)Sophie Turner for GQ (2016)

Personal Life of Sophie Turner

The actress always answered all journalists’ questions about her boyfriend in the same way: «Did I have time for guys? ». All members of the press were sure that Sophie had told a lie: this attractive and famous girl could not be alone. Curious journalists were often writing about Sophie’s romantic relationships with her colleagues on the set of Games of Thrones, for example, with Jack Gleeson and Kit Harington.
Sophie Turner and Jack GleesonSophie Turner and Jack Gleeson
In 2014 it was finally reported that the Hollywood star had a romance with James McVeigh – a guitarist and backing vocalist of the indie pop group "The Vamps." The musician admitted that he had met the pretty red-haired woman in the social network Twitter. These young people were often noticed at various festivals and parties. When Sophie came to London, they were spending almost all weekends. Neither the actress nor a musician frankly stated, whether their friendship turned into love or not.
Sophie Turner and James McVeighSophie Turner and James McVeigh
In 2016 it became known that Turner had met a new young man – an American singer Joe Jonas. For the first time, a couple had appeared together at the MTV music awards EMA. At the end of 2017, Joe and Sophie announced their engagement.
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are engagedSophie Turner and Joe Jonas are engaged

Sophie Turner Now

Sophie Turner continues to try herself in new roles, so in 2017 she played the main character in the ambiguous thriller Josie. In 2018 it is preparing the release of a new part about X-Men – Dark Phoenix, where the plot will be revolved around the Turner’s character Jean Grey, who has got new dangerous superpowers.
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