Matthew Perry`s Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out on His Battle with Drugs

Matthew Perry, the star of "Friends," passed away this autumn. It was recently revealed that the actor's death was caused by acute ketamine exposure. His former girlfriend has now shared how he struggled to quit drug addiction.

Katy Edwards, who dated Matthew in 2006 and was his assistant in 2011, told The Sun about a time she found him with his hands glued to his knees: I found Matthew on the couch with his hands superglued to his legs — it was desperately sad. I had to use nail polish remover and olive oil to free him. We were literally ripping the hair from his legs and he had red, raw patches left behind, it was pretty horrific
Katy Edwards was Matthew Perry's girlfriend
Katy Edwards was Matthew Perry's girlfriend
Before his death, the actor posted a photo of himself in a jacuzzi, where he was later found dead, captioning it: "Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good? I'm Mattman."

Previously, Katy Edwards also commented on his death. She said, that Mattman emerged when the actor used and felt invincible.
I was around when he was getting high, although I was not getting high with him, and when I would say maybe he should cool it a little bit with the drugs, he would say, «No, I'm Mattman».