They called my family themselves: 57-year-old Dr. Dre told how he almost died

22 August 2022
The rapper was diagnosed with a serious illness. He was in intensive care for two weeks. It happened at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Popular rapper Dr. Dre has survived a serious illness. So, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, doctors diagnosed the musician with a cerebral vascular aneurysm. The forecasts were not the most encouraging. The musician spent two weeks in intensive care. And since everything happened at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, when relatives and friends were not allowed to visit the patients, but his family was allowed to come.
Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre
But the doctors allowed my family to enter. And it turned out that they themselves called my family and invited them to say goodbye to me, because they were sure that I had only a few days left to live, Dr. Dre said.

The clinic staff regularly woke the rapper up even during intensive care to conduct special neurological tests, because it was dangerous for him to fall asleep for a long time, as he might not wake up at all.
At the moment, all the terrible things are left behind — he plans to return to work in the near future.

  • I would do everything possible to make him feel at least a little better
    2022-08-22 16:23:08