Beyonce`s new album was «leaked» online before the official release

1 August 2022
The day before, new tracks from the upcoming album of the pop diva - Renaissance appeared on the Internet. Although it was supposed to be released only on July 29.

Since mid—June, Beyonce's fans have been in an exciting anticipation - on the 16th, the singer announced that the release of her new album will take place on July 29. But the trick failed — someone from unscrupulous users leaked the album to the Network.
So, the journalists of the Variety edition were lucky enough to discover the novelty. It turned out that the singer's new tracks are already in full swing on many social networks. Some particularly nimble ones even sell CD copies.
Beyonce`s new album
Beyonce`s new album reminds that Renaissance will be Beyonce's seventh. The singer said that largely thanks to the pandemic, she managed to live each composition meaningfully and deeply, and she is completely satisfied with the result.

  • There are no culprits to be found, of course. But I would try
    2022-08-01 18:45:07