Rapper 50 Cent made a brawl in a restaurant

The scandal occurred in a restaurant in Edgewater, New Jersey. The rapper, who visited the institution with the girl, could not restrain his emotions towards the stranger and staged a real pogrom.

Rapper 50 Cent often takes part in scandals related to violation of the law and brawls. This time, he caused unrest in the summer terrace of one of the restaurants.
The rapper made another fight
The rapper made another fight
The musician was led by provocation and reacted to the behavior of a fan who began to shoot him on camera without a demand. The rapper did not like this, so he threw a table at the fan who was in the institution with the girl. Fortunately, no one received serious injuries - the table fell into the Lexus restaurant, which was standing next to the restaurant. Next, 50 Cent threw a stranger in a chair as well and then left the school.
It is reported that no detentions have occurred in connection with the incident. By the way, the rapper did not greatly surprise fans with this act - over the past few years, he has become the instigator of fights several times and was even under investigation for one of them.
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