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Dakota Johnson

Name: Dakota Johnson

Birth date: 4 of October 1989 (29 y.o.)

Place of birth: Austin, Texas, U.S.

Height: 173 cm Weight: 55 kg

Birth Sign: Libra

Chinese zodiac: Snake

Occupation: actress

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Dakota Johnson Biography

Dakota Johnson is an American actress who has gained great popularity after the premiere of the erotic drama «Fifty Shades of Grey», where she played the main female role of Anastasia Steele, the lover of a smart and elegant billionaire (Jamie Dornan).
Dakota Johnson is the star of «Fifty Shades of Grey»Dakota Johnson is the star of «Fifty Shades of Grey»

Childhood and family

The girl was born in Texas, in a family of actors. There are many different nationalities are mixed in her blood such as Norwegians, British, Swedes, and Germans. Her father is Donnie Wayne „Don“ Johnson, the famous movie actor who is also known for taking part in the major motion pictures such as «Tin Cup» and «Django Unchained» by Quentin Tarantino. Dakota's mother is Melanie Griffith, the star of American cinema of the 90-s.
Parents of Dakota Johnson are the actorsParents of Dakota Johnson are the actors
Melanie parents belonged to the caste of actors too. Dakota's grandmother Tippi Hedren starred in Alfred Hitchcock's thriller «The Birds» and her grandfather Peter Griffith was the star of Broadway.
Dakota's grandmother starred in Hitchcock's filmDakota's grandmother starred in Hitchcock's film
Parents of Dakota Johnson met when Don was 22 years, and Melanie was just 14. Nevertheless, the age difference bothered no one of girl's relatives. So they began dating, and when Griffith finally turned 18 they got married. However their marriage didn't last long and in 1980, Melanie already married actor Steven Bauer who played Manolo Ribera in the film «Scarface» with Al Pacino in the lead. But everything had changed in 1989, when she started dating Johnson again and gave birth to a girl.
Baby photos of Dakota JohnsonBaby photos of Dakota Johnson
It is difficult to stick together something that was cracked before, so this time their marriage broke up again. In 1996, Melanie left Don for Antonio Banderas, so Dakota spent her childhood in the house of the idol of millions of women.
Dakota was the «ugly duck» in childhoodDakota was the «ugly duck» in childhood
The actress has blood relatives, these are elder brother Alexander (his father is Steven Bauer), and a younger sister Stella del Carmen (daughter of Griffith and Banderas).
Dakota Johnson with her mother, stepfather and sisterDakota Johnson with her mother, stepfather and sister
The girl studied at the Aspen Community School and was fond of dancing. Like many children of famous people, Johnson participated in a photo shoot for «Teen Vogue» in adolescence. Following these shooting Dakota decided to become a model.
In 2004, Dakota Johnson was photographed for «Teen Vogue»In 2004, Dakota Johnson was photographed for «Teen Vogue»

The first roles

When Dakota was just 10 years old, she made her first appearance in the movie: it was the role of a girl Sondra in a criminal comedy-drama «Crazy in Alabama». The director was her stepfather, and the main role was played by Melanie Griffith, so it wasn’t a surprise that Dakota and her sister Stella were cast to play children of the main character.
First role of Dakota Johnson («Crazy in Alabama», 1999)First role of Dakota Johnson («Crazy in Alabama», 1999)
When she was 17, the girl signed a contract with modeling agency IMG. In 2009, Johnson became the face of the brand MANGO (she was representing a line of jeans).

In 2010, she starred in the biopic «The Social Network» by David Fincher. Dakota played a supporting role of Amelia Ritter and appeared in scenes with Justin Timberlake. Same year Nylon Magazine included the actress in the list of «55 of persons of our future».
Dakota Johnson in the film «The Social Network»Dakota Johnson in the film «The Social Network»
In 2011, the actress was working in two movies, one of which was the melodrama «Beastly» and another one was a black comedy «Goats» with David Duchovny in the lead.
It's hard to say that Dakota has typical beautyIt's hard to say that Dakota has typical beauty
In 2012, the young actress had already been involved in four films such as «21 Jump Street» (Fugazy), «The Five-Year Engagement» (Audrey), «Date and Switch» (Em) and television series «Ben and Kate» (the main role of Kate Fox).
Snapshot from the TV series «Ben and Kate»Snapshot from the TV series «Ben and Kate»

«Fifty Shades of Grey»

When Sam Taylor-Johnson started shooting the adaptation of the novel «Fifty Shades of Grey» by Eric James, she faced a lot of difficulties including the casting of the leading actress. Thus, many actresses were skeptical about the possibility of success to the project and just returned the script back.
They were looking for the actress for a long timeThey were looking for the actress for a long time
Elizabeth Olsen even refused to audition after reading the original book saying that «Only porn fans could like this». Shailene Woodley was already busy starring in «Divergent», and moreover, weak-willed Anastasia only irritated her. Star of the blockbuster «Rogue One» Felicity Jones has flatly refused to appear in explicit bed scenes.

Lucy Hale from the TV series «Pretty Little Liars» agreed to audition, but she embarrassed at the casting and didn't pass. Daveigh Chase was denied due to her too young face. In the end, Dakota became Anastasia Steele. The film-makers were impressed with Dakota, especially with her looseness in the bed scenes shooting – she was not embarrassed at all by the need to undress in front of the cameras even in the most explicit shots.
Dakota Johnson became Anastasia because she almost was ready for everythingDakota Johnson became Anastasia because she almost was ready for everything
The controversial film tells a story the 21-year-old girl from the Philological department, who by coincidence went to interview the young billionaire Christian Grey instead of her friend journalist. And just by magic, a beautiful and wealthy man immediately drew attention to the awkward and shy girl. But Gray had a dark secret – women abusing drove him mad.
A scene from the movie «Fifty Shades of Grey»A scene from the movie «Fifty Shades of Grey»
Fans of the book have been left unhappy with the film. In their opinion, Dakota is not a good match for the role of Anastasia, firstly because she looks much older than her character and moreover, she is not attractive enough to play a sex appealing young girl. The favorites of readers were Alexis Bledel from «Gilmore Girls» and Matt Bomer from «White Collar». Fans of the book saw them exactly as Anastasia and Christian but not Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson talk about being naked on set
In February 2017, the second part of the acclaimed film «Fifty Shades Darker» was released. Viewers saw the continuation of the love story of Anastasia and Christian and for this time the girl asked her lover to remove all limitations in their relationships.

And in February 2018, film «Fifty Shades of Freedom» became the final part of this incredible story.

The Private life of Dakota Johnson

The actress had monthly rehabilitation course from alcohol and drug addiction in 2007. It's no wonder, because her mother was abused cocaine, and her father was abused alcohol.
Drug addiction often found among the children of famous parentsDrug addiction often found among the children of famous parents
The actress was dating Noah Gersh, the guitarist of «Portugal.The Man» band. In 2012, Dakota started dating actor Jordan Masterson but her participation in the film «Fifty Shades of Grey» led them to conflicts. Masterson was outraged that his beloved will be shot in many explicit scenes. Besides he was a scientologist and Dakota didn't share his religious views.
Dakota Johnson and Jordan Masterson have dated for 2 yearsDakota Johnson and Jordan Masterson have dated for 2 years
The singer of the band The Drowners Matthew Hitt was Dakota's boyfriend from 2014 to 2016. They broke up when the actress was working on the film «How to Be Single» and ironically the name proved prophetic.
Dakota Johnson loves musicians (photo with Matthew Hitt)Dakota Johnson loves musicians (photo with Matthew Hitt)
When the work began on the second part of «Shades», the tabloids started gossiping about the looming «love affair at work» between Dakota and Jamie. However, Jamie is happily married and has two children, so there is nothing between actors except friendship.

In December 2017, press reports emerged about the romance of Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin who is the frontman of group Coldplay and ex-husband of Gwyneth Paltrow. Mother of the actress confirmed it in May 2018, and added that she loves Chris, but asks to respect the privacy of her daughter.
In 2017, Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin started datingIn 2017, Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin started dating

Dakota Johnson now

The story of Anastasia and Christian has ended but the actress doesn’t feel lack of attention of producers. Along with Chris Hemsworth actress worked on the thriller «Bad Times at the El Royale» and together with Chloe Grace Moretz and Tilda Swinton starred in the horror film about witches «Suspiria». In the same year, the actress appeared with Shia LaBeouf in the adventure comedy «The Peanut Butter Falcon».
Dakota Johnson in the film «Suspiria»Dakota Johnson in the film «Suspiria»
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    i love fifty shades of grey..dakota and jamie played their roles as Christian grey and anastasia steele extremely well its tough and sad to say that the fifity shades trilogy has ended i have dreams of becoming an actor bt it will remain unfufilled