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Name: Grimes

Real name: Claire Elise Boucher

Birth date: 17 of March 1988 (31 y.o.)

Place of birth: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Height: 165 cm Weight: 50 kg

Birth Sign: Pisces

Chinese zodiac: Dragon

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Biography of Grimes

Grimes is a singer, whose voice is called essential and even cosmic, and whose songs are called music of the future. The atypical combination of different styles and trends, a perfect soprano and fine taste make Grimes a unique phenomenon in show business.
On the photo: Grimes
On the photo: Grimes

Her Childhood

The singer’s real name is Claire Elise Boucher. She was born on March 17, 1988, in Vancouver. Claire’s mother is Sandy Garossino, the prosecutor and well-known social activist in Canada. The singer's maternal grandmother is Ukrainian. Since her childhood, Grimes has heard her grandparents’ communication in Russian, and she has learned this language a little.
The singer’s real name is Claire Elise Boucher
The singer’s real name is Claire Elise Boucher
Subsequently, she repeatedly left hints about the Russian roots in her work. For example, the inscription I love you and a quote from Songs of the Final Meeting by Anna Akhmatova (she is one of the most favorite writers of the singer) are on the cover of her album Visions. At one of the concerts, she sang the poem I Loved You by Alexander Pushkin in Russian. In February 2019, she sang Janka Diaghilev’s song I Repeat 10 Times and Again. In Vancouver, Boucher attended Catholic school. In 2006, after graduating from this school, she entered McGill University in Montreal, the oldest institution of higher education in Canada. Claire was always interested in studying, as well as fine arts and literature. For a long time, she had doubted, what to devote her life, and she chose the Department of Neurobiology.
As a student, Claire was fond of music
As a student, Claire was fond of music
As a student, Claire was fond of music. Since 2007, she began performing as DJ Grimes in the clubs in Montreal, compiling hip-hop, rock, and electronics. Experimenting with different styles and trends, the girl found her unique sound. She and other musicians organized performances in an abandoned textile factory in the suburbs of Montreal and recorded her two songs, included in the collection of Canadian electronic music in 2009.

Her Career

Inspired by Frank Gebert’s Dune and other science fiction books, Claire released two albums with her label Arbutus Records in 2010. Her songs Geidi Primes and Halfaxa did not bring the singer popularity, but they attracted the attention of other musicians and music critics, who noted the identity of Grimes, her voice and artistry.
All music critics notes Grimes’ originality
All music critics notes Grimes’ originality
In 2011, Claire left the University, because she devoted all her time to the music. In the spring of the same year, she and the Swedish indie singer Lykke Li went on a tour of North America. Later, she and the young Canadian avant-garde musician Chris d`Eon, known as d`Eon, recorded a few songs.

In 2012, Claire released her third album Vision with the label 4AD, which earned exceptionally enthusiastic reviews of the columnists of the most reputable music publications. It was entirely recorded on the computer editors in just three weeks, but it was called an album of the year in some sources. The New York Times called Vision the most impressive album of the year. In 2013, the album won the Electronic Album of the Year Award at the Juno.
Grimes - Vanessa - 2013 ACL Festival
The style of the album was characterized as a depressive electro-pop by Evan Ritlevski, an editor of Club. Matt James of Pop Matters called the album an absolute intellectual explosion.

The video for the song Genesis was directed by Claire. She created the cover of the album, having written the Russian lines from the poem by Anna Akhmatova.
Grimes - Genesis
In 2014, Boucher released the song Go. She offered Rihanna to buy it, but the star rejected the track, finding it not interesting enough. According to the editors of Rolling Stone, this song became one of the best songs of the year.
In 2014, Boucher released the song Go
In 2014, Boucher released the song Go
In 2015, Grimes joined the concert tour of Lana Del Rey, and at the end of the year, she released Art Angels, which was also recorded by Janelle Monet and Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes. The album became the most successful. It was not as gloomy as the previous one, and it was more personal and outspoken. Art Angels led the top 50 best albums of the year.
The singer spent 2016 on a tour of Asia and Europe
The singer spent 2016 on a tour of Asia and Europe
The singer spent 2016 on a tour of Asia and Europe. In 2017, she announced the preparation for a new album, on which she had worked for two years.

Her Other Projects

In addition to music, Claire has become famous as an artist. Working on the covers of her albums, she is inspired by Japanese anime and manga. The artist’s drawings are exhibited in various galleries.
Grimes also works as an artist and designer
Grimes also works as an artist and designer
Claire designed a capsule collection of T-shirts for Yves Saint-Laurent.

Grimes has been the face of Louis Vuitton since 2016.

Personal Life of Grimes

At the beginning of her career, Grimes briefly had a relationship with the Canadian musician Devon Welch. Then, she has dating musician James Brooks for a few years.
Grimes and Elon Musk
Grimes and Elon Musk
In the spring of 2018, it became known that she was in love with Elon Musk, an entrepreneur, the famous engineer, one of the richest people in the world. The couple visits social events together. The media publish notes, reporting that the billionaire has serious intentions. He has even decided to introduce his girlfriend to his children.

In her interviews, the singer says that her speech defect is insignificant. Her fans believe that a slight lisp gives her even more charm.

Claire is a vegetarian. She believes that it is unacceptable to eat meat and wear clothes made of leather and fur.

Grimes Now

Combining touring and experimentation in the visual arts, Claire is working on the release of new songs. At the end of 2018, she has announced the release of her new album.
Grimes skillfully combines concert tours and artistic activities
Grimes skillfully combines concert tours and artistic activities
In Instagram, Grimes regularly publishes new photos, delighting fans with new images, where army boots, bright makeup and plenty of jewelry are unchanged.
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