Max Wright, star of «Alf» died aged 75

American actor Max Wright, whom you may know by «Alf» series, died at age 75.

The actor passed away after a few years fighting with a cancer. In 2017 his wife Linda died because of the same illness. The death of beloved wife literally knocked his health off.

According to Zoomboola, Wright also was known as a theatrical actor. He played more than 60 roles in movies and series. The most well-known films with actor are All That Jazz (1979),

The Shadow (1994), A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999). However, his most famous work still Willie Tanner from «Alf» which was translating from 1986 till 1990.
Willie from «Alf» died
Willie from «Alf» died
«Alf» shows a life of a typical American family. They live along with an alien called Alf. The Tanners are forced to hide their lodger. Wright played the head of family, Willie Tanner.