Rapper 50 Cent`s Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Him of Rape and Neglectful Fatherhood

The former girlfriend of rapper 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) has accused the artist of not seeing their son, Sire, for an extended period.

Daphne Joy addressed her ex-boyfriend on Instagram, revealing that over two years, the rapper only participated in their son's life about 10 times, despite Sire living only a mile from Curtis's home.
I am tired of upholding and protecting an image to our son that you have never ever earned. You have permanently damaged the last hope I had for you as a father to preserve our family with these last and final false claims made against me.
She described her ex as a negative figure who only spreads terror and chaos in others' lives. She also confessed that 50 Cent once raped her.

The "Candy Shop" hitmaker later responded to the allegations from the mother of his child, calling them false and unfounded. He suggested that these attacks began after he expressed a desire to seek sole custody of their son.
Curtis Jackson and Daphne Joy
Curtis Jackson and Daphne Joy
Zoomboola.com reminds readers that another prominent American rapper, P. Diddy, was also previously accused of rape by his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura. However, the couple managed to reach a settlement. Currently, an investigation is underway regarding the artist, suspecting him of smuggling and trafficking people for sexual exploitation.