Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx Accused of Harassment

Fox News: lawsuit filed against actor Jamie Foxx for 2015 harassment.

A lawsuit has been filed against Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx, accusing him of harassment in 2015. Fox News reports this, citing the plaintiff's lawsuit.

The report states that, according to the plaintiff, the incident occurred on the night of August 27, 2015, in a restaurant where she was sitting with a friend. The friend noticed Jamie Foxx at a nearby table and asked him for a photo, to which the actor agreed. Afterward, the plaintiff claims, Foxx complimented her several times and then pulled her into a secluded area, where he began to put his hands under her clothes.
Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx
The lawsuit alleges that the actor's actions caused the woman "physical and emotional trauma, anxiety, suffering, embarrassment, and economic damage." As a result, the plaintiff is seeking compensation from Foxx.

Jamie Foxx is known for movies like "Ray," "Collateral," "Law Abiding Citizen," "Django Unchained," and others. He won the Oscar for his portrayal of Ray Charles in 2005.