Ashton Kutcher spoke about the fight against a serious autoimmune disease

9 August 2022
Due to illness, the actor almost had to give up further work in the cinema. It took him almost a year to regain his ability to see and hear.

44-year-old Ashton Kucher almost lost his career and life. The reason for this was a rare form of autoimmune disease, because of which he practically did not see or hear for a year.

Like two years ago, I had this strange, very rare form of vasculitis. She knocked out my sight, hearing and motor apparatus. It took me about a year to restore all these functions," the actor shared the details.

Fortunately, his wife Mila Kunis helped him to fight the disease. She supported him all the time and was there for him all this difficult time.
What the actor had to go through in the fight against the disease had a strong influence on his worldview. He began to appreciate those things that he had not paid attention to before.

  • Of course it is important! It is impossible without the support and help of loved ones at all
    2022-08-09 17:41:46