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Riley Keough
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(34 y.o.)
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Los Angeles
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Biography of Riley Keough

Riley Keough is an American actress and model who became famous after the role of Capable in the blockbuster "Mad Max: Fury Road". Net worth: $5 million.
Photo of actress Riley Keough
Photo of actress Riley Keough

Childhood and family

Riley was born on 29 May 1989, in a small American town Santa Monica which is located in the west of the county of Los Angeles. She is the granddaughter of the legendary singer Elvis Presley. Her mother is a singer Lisa Marie Presley, and her father is a musician Danny Keogh. She also has a younger brother and two stepsisters.
Child photo of Riley Keogh with her father
Child photo of Riley Keogh with her father
When Riley was six years old, her parents divorced. Lisa Presley broke up with the girl’s father and soon married the king of pop music Michael Jackson.
Riley Keough lived with Michael Jackson
Riley Keough lived with Michael Jackson
Keough spent part of her childhood (between 1994 and 1998 years) in a luxury Neverland Valley Ranch that belonged to her legendary stepfather. However, Riley admitted later in an interview that she would prefer to live with her own father in ordinary conditions or even in poverty because the excess of public attention made her uncomfortable.

She has never seen her grandfather Elvis Presley because he died in 1977. Anyway, she and her family keep the memory about him and every year she visits the festival "Elvis Week" which is held in Memphis.
Riley Keough in childhood with her mother
Riley Keough in childhood with her mother

The acting career

Despite the unattractive side of popularity which she faced in early childhood, Riley started her own way to fame when she was just at school. Riley participated in various fashion shows and signed a contract with IMG Models when she was only 15 years old. But soon after she wanted to try her hand at something different and decided to star in movies.
15-year-old Riley Keough on the catwalk since 15 of age
15-year-old Riley Keough on the catwalk since 15 of age
The acting career of the young model started in 2010, from the work in the music biopic "The Runaways". This film is dedicated to the story of the female punk-rock band The Runaways. Riley played the role of the main character’s sister when Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning cast the leading roles. The film was met with positive reviews but failed at the box office. She played a leading role in the drama "The Good Doctor" featuring Orlando Bloom and also starred in the thriller "Jack & Diane" a year later. These movies had also failed at the box office and didn’t get great success from the audience. In 2012, Riley was lucky to join the cast of the summer comedy "Magic Mike" by Steven Soderbergh. The film became extremely popular and has grossed more than $160 million dollars worldwide. Thanks to this movie Channing Tatum became one of the most successful actors of the present. Riley Keogh had also gained a bit of popularity after the premiere. Thanks to "Super Mike" she was offered to star in the fourth part of the post-apocalyptic thriller "Mad Max: Fury Road" by George Miller. This film is about the former policeman who survives in a society which deprived of any morals and laws because of a shortage of fuel. "Mad Max: Fury Road" starring Tom Hardy was released in 2015. This premiere made a splash with fans of the old trilogy starring Mel Gibson as well as with the audience that had met this character for the first time. Nominated on Oscar for 9 categories, including for the "Best Film", "Mad Max" has won 6 awards (although it didn’t get the main one).
«Mad Max»: Wives
Dictator Immortan Joe had five wives who escaped from him and Riley played one of them. The other four were played by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Abby Lee, Zoe Kravitz, and Courtney Eaton. The runaway was organized by the leadership of a former military Furiosa (Charlize Theron), and an ex-soldier Nux (Nicholas Hoult), as well as Mad Max, joined that group of brave and desperate women.

The film has helped the actress to declare about herself, and shortly thereafter her fame was maintained by the leading role in a high-budget TV series "The Girlfriend Experience" by Steven Soderbergh. The series released in 2016 on the Starz channel and has told about the student, who was forced to work in the escort agency. Riley Keough was nominated for a Golden Globe Award as the Best actress of the series for her outstanding work in this picture. In the summer of 2016, the channel announced the renewal of the series to the next season. According to, in 2017 another great premiere featuring Riley Keough came out. She starred in a comedy "Logan Lucky" by Steven Soderbergh. Her partners on the set were Channing Tatum with whom Keough has already worked in "Magic Mike", and also Adam Driver and Daniel Craig. In 2018 she appeared with Al Pacino in the biographical drama "Paterno", then she played the leading role in the detective "Welcome the Stranger" and also starred in the thriller "Under the Silver Lake".

The personal life of Riley Keough

The actress had been dating musician Ryan Cabrera at the beginning of her career from 2006 to the 2008 year. Then Keough dated actor Alex Pettyfer in 2011. The couple announced the engagement after 8 months of the relationships, but they broke up at the beginning of 2013.
Relationships Riley Keough with Alex Pettyfer had lasted for two years
Relationships Riley Keough with Alex Pettyfer had lasted for two years
The probable reason for their parting was Riley’s acquaintance with stuntman Ben Smith-Petersen. Soon after the break with Pettyfer, Riley appeared in public with that handsome man.
In winter 2015, Riley and Ben got married despite that Riley was credited with a love affair with Robert Pattinson in 2013, and with Nicholas Hoult in 2014, who was her partner in "Mad Max". The couple has no children yet, but they have a French bulldog called Grubs Smith-Petersen.
Wedding of Riley Keogh and Ben Smith-Petersen
Wedding of Riley Keogh and Ben Smith-Petersen

Riley Keough Now

The actress starred in the horror film "The House That Jack Built" by Lars von Trier where she played alongside Uma Thurman and Matt Dillon and also Riley took part in the production of the thriller "Hold the Dark" with Alexander Skarsgard.
A screencap from «The House That Jack Built»
A screencap from «The House That Jack Built»
Also, Alicia Vikander and Riley played along in the ’Earthquake Bird’ thriller. but the movie wasn’t appreciated high. In 2020 you’ll probably see the actress i the ’The Devil All the Time’ drama with Tom Holland.

  • Can`t find anything interesting in Riley Keough. The girl with a lot of connections (granddaughter of Elvis Presley!) and with a right environment, she didn`t achieve anything important.
    2021-05-04 18:30:19
  • Riley Keough has big plans for cinematography and she founding time for relationship and already got married even with her busy schedule.
    2021-05-01 21:08:21
  • I think the tandem with Uma Thurman helped Riley Keough to play naturally in The House That Jack Built.
    2021-04-17 20:16:47
  • Riley Keough is spectacular but she better keep working as a model because she don`t have actor`s talent.
    2021-04-04 17:38:10
  • In spite of her famous relatives and environment, she can`t boast with her successes. But who know, maybe it`s all ahead.
    2021-02-03 08:14:34