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Nicholas Hoult

Name: Nicholas Hoult (Nicolas Hoult)

Real name: Nicholas Caradoc Hoult

Birth date: 7 of December 1989 (29 y.o.)

Place of birth: Wokingham, Berkshire, England

Height: 190 cm Weight: 73 kg

Birth Sign: Saggitarius

Chinese zodiac: Snake

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Nicholas Hoult’s biography

Nicholas Hoult – famous British actor who rose to fame thanks to Hollywood movies. He started shooting as early as 7 years old. Thereon, he made an appearance in various famous projects, among which hits like X-Men: Apocalypse, Mad Max: Fury Road, Clash of the Titans, Equals and Skins.
Nicholas Caradoc HoultNicholas Caradoc Hoult

Nicholas Hoult’s childhood

On December 7, 1989, in the small town of Wokingham, the Hoults’ third child was born – Nicholas. At that time, his father was an airline pilot, and his mother was a music teacher at a local school. Regardless of their low income, his parents never complained, on the contrary, surrounded their children with love and care: Clarista, James, Nicholas and Rosanna.
Nicholas Hoult’s handsomeness was noticeable from early childhoodNicholas Hoult’s handsomeness was noticeable from early childhood
As a toddler, Nicholas started showing interest towards acting, which is why he appeared quite often in the plays set up by the local theater club. As well as that, still from an early age, Hoult started dancing and music classes – he learned how to play the trombone. Owing to his inborn charisma and attractive physique, the boy was often given roles in various plays. The most memorable ones were The Nutcracker and The Swan Lake. At 12 years old, Nicholas had to quit school due to the fact that he was noticed by Sylvia Young – talented director who managed to see through the boy’s talent. On top of that, his great-aunt Florence played an important part in shaping Nicholas’s future; she was a well-known singer and actress in Britain by her stage name Dame Anna Neagle.

Nicholas Hoult’s acting career

Nicholas Hoult made his first appearance on the big screen at the age of seven. Then, Philip Goodhew, the director of the comedy Intimate Relations, gave the boy a secondary role. After that, starting with 1999, he only appeared in low-budget TV series, such as: Warm Bodies, World of Pub and Judge John Deed.
Nicholas Hoult’s first role in Intimate RelationsNicholas Hoult’s first role in Intimate Relations
In 2002, the family comedy About a Boy was released, where Nicholas and Hugh Grant got key roles. He had no difficulty taking on the role of a difficult teenager, who met a man that started taking care of him, leading him to the realization that he’d like kids of his own. Before this movie was released, Nicholas Hoult was not that well-known, but after that, millions of viewers fell in love with the handsome young man. On top of that, his outstanding performance didn’t go by unnoticed by critics, reinforced by his being awarded the Young Actor and Critics’ Choice titles at the Phoenix Film Festival.
Nicholas Hoult has been appearing in movies since early childhoodNicholas Hoult has been appearing in movies since early childhood
At 16, the young man tried on a leading role in the drama series Wah-Wah. This time, he tad to take on the role of a boy named Ralph, who caught his mother cheating with his father’s best friend. In October, the same year, together with Nicolas Cage and Michael Caine, he appeared in the comedy drama The Weather Man. He got the role of the protagonist’s son, who abandoned his family for his career.
A still from the movie The Weather Man with Nicholas Hoult and Nicolas CageA still from the movie The Weather Man with Nicholas Hoult and Nicolas Cage
In 2007, Hoult became a key character in the drama series Skins, telling the difficult stories of teenagers. 18-year-old Nicholas got to play Tony Stonem, life of the party and heartbreaker. On set, together with Nicholas, several actors were present: Dev Patel, Joe Dempsie and Hannah Murray.
Nicholas Hoult’s role in Skins was a real breakthroughNicholas Hoult’s role in Skins was a real breakthrough
In the autumn of the same year, the young man took on the role of David in Coming Down the Mountain – a drama telling the stories of two brothers, one of which was affected by the Dawn syndrome. Subsequently, in 2009, he played one of the leading parts in A Single Man, where he co-starred successfully with Matthew Goode and Julianne Moore. Eventually, this role got him nominated for the award of the British Film Academy – BAFTA.

In 2010, Hoult made his appearance in the fantasy movie Clash of the Titans, and the following year, he took up the mantle of Hank McCoy (Beast) in the popular blockbuster X-Men: First Class. The movie’s plot revolves around the time when Xavier’s school for mutants was founded, as well as unveiling a truth which became the reason for Xavier’s and Magneto’s fallout. He co-starred on set with such talented actors as Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence.
X-Men: First Class – Nicholas Hoult as BeastX-Men: First Class – Nicholas Hoult as Beast
At the age of 24, Hoult got another key role, this time in Warm Bodies. The movie tells the story of a zombie, who instead of eating his victim, decided to save her. After this, both the walking dead and the girl have to face perilous challenges, but they’re ready to overcome everything for their love. Due to Nicholas’s realistic zombie transformation, he was awarded the Teen Choice Awards, in the Breakthrough category. He was also nominated for Best drama actor.
Nicholas Hoult as a zombie (Warm BodiesNicholas Hoult as a zombie (Warm Bodies
In the spring of 2013, Jack the Giant Slayer was released, where he played the brave and courageous hero ready to fight giants in order to save the princess.
A still from Jack the Giant SlayerA still from Jack the Giant Slayer
In 2013, he became the face of the advertising company Jaguar Cards. Tom Hooper was the director of the video. In 2014, Nicholas appeared in the sequel X-Men: Days of Future Past. This time, the plot reflected the future in which all the mutants were eradicated by ruthless sentinel robots. In order to avert the catastrophe, Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) teleports Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) in the distant past. In 2015, the actor together with Charlize Theron, Christina Hendricks and Corey Stoll appeared in the twisted movie Dark Places.
Jaguar ad with Nicholas Hoult
In May the same year, he got a leading role in Mad Max: Fury Road, where Nicholas portrayed the screwball named Nux. In the summer of 2015, Owen Harris, the director of the comedy Kill Your Friends, entrusted Hoult with a leading role. The actor portrayed Steven, a vain and stingy manager on the lookout for talented musicians and singers. In 2016, Nicholas together with Kristen Stewart and Guy Pearce played a key part in the dystopia Equals, and was quite busy shooting for X-Men: Apocalypse and Collide.
Trailer of Equals movie with Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart
In 2017, the actor played the role of the young writer Jerome D. Salinger in the biographical movie Rebel in the Rye.
Nicholas Hoult and Jerome SalingerNicholas Hoult and Jerome Salinger

Nicholas Hoult’s personal life

Right now, Nicholas Hoult is unmarried, however, several lucky women conquered the heart of the young British actor. In 2009, the lucky one turned out to be the singer Victoria Justice, but their relationship didn’t last more than a year.
Nicholas Hoult dated Jennifer Lawrence for quite some timeNicholas Hoult dated Jennifer Lawrence for quite some time
In 2010, on set, where the first part of X-Men was filmed, he met Jennifer Lawrence and something magical sparked between them instantly. Unfortunately, they were unable to deal with the long distance that comes hand in hand with being an actor. In 2013, they broke up, but Hoult didn’t have to wait long before venturing into a new relationship. On the set of Warm Bodies, he met the ‘blonde fatale’ Teresa Palmer, but he dumped her on New Year’s Eve for Jennifer.
Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence still manage to spend quality time togetherNicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence still manage to spend quality time together
At the beginning of 2014, the couple officially announced their engagement, but after half a year, the media was hit by the news of their final breakup. After that, Hoult dated Kristen Stewart for some time, but at the end of 2015 he was spotted by paparazzi in the company of another actress - Dianna Agron.
In the photo: Nicholas Hoult and Kristen StewartIn the photo: Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart
In the spring of 2017, Nicholas Hoult admitted in an interview that he was dating ex Playboy model, Bryana Holly, and after a year they had a baby.
Nicholas Hoult and Bryana HollyNicholas Hoult and Bryana Holly

Nicholas Hoult today

In 2017, two movies with Nicholas were released: a movie about virtual dating Newness and the war drama Sand Castle, both met with indifference by the viewers. Hoult was working on the set of The Favourite (2018), telling the story of Queen Anne and her servants. Emma Stone co-starred with Nicholas in the drama.
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