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Alicia Vikander
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Alicia Vikander
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(35 y.o.)
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Gothenburg, Sweden
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Biography of Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander is a Swedish actress and a star in Scandinavian and Hollywood cinema, who made her screen debut in the drama "Min balsamerade mor" in 2002. In 2015, following the premiere of Tom Hooper's film "The Danish Girl," which earned her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, Alicia quickly gained staggering popularity, and new exciting roles soon followed.
Alicia Vikander
Alicia Vikander


Alicia Vikander was born into a large family. Her mother, Maria Fahl-Vikander, a popular actress at the Gothenburg theater, married psychiatrist Svante Vikander, who already had five children from a previous marriage. Unfortunately, their marriage ended when little Alicia was just five months old. However, her father did not abandon his daughter. She would visit him every other week.
Alicia Vikander as a child
Alicia Vikander as a child
According to the Swedish beauty, she had a wonderful childhood. On the one hand, she was the only child of her mother, who indulged her daughter in everything. On the other hand, her father's large and friendly family always welcomed her visits.
Alicia Vikander's parents
Alicia Vikander's parents
Maria Fahl-Vikander soon noticed her daughter's artistic talent and her apparent natural inclination towards performing. In 2000, after talking with her daughter, she sent Alicia to audition for the Royal Swedish Ballet School. Alicia enthusiastically accepted her mother's suggestion and passed the audition with flying colors, joining the ranks of what is arguably the world's best choreographic school. Additionally, the girl took courses in stage speech and acting skills and actively learned from her mother's stage experience.
Alicia Vikander on breaking away from ballet
Nevertheless, Alicia did not always see herself as a ballet artist. After three years of training, she decided to apply to a drama academy but failed the entrance exams. She then tried to find herself in the field of law but soon dropped out to return to the familiar whirlwind of dance.
Alicia Vikander was a professional ballerina
Alicia Vikander was a professional ballerina
The ballet school, which the actress attended from 2000 to 2009, greatly strengthened her character, as ballerinas are well aware of what hard work for results means. That's why, after finishing her studies, the determined young woman, fearlessly aiming for the highest peaks, wanted to tackle only the most challenging endeavors.
ALicia Vikander - childhood video

Acting Career

Alicia appeared on Swedish television at the age of 13, making her debut as a host of teen shows. At the same time, the young dancer was involved in musicals performed at the Gothenburg Opera stage.

After filming the drama "Min balsamerade mor" ("My Embalmed Mother") in 2002 and the series "En decemberdröm" ("December Dream") in 2005, her film career paused for two years.
Interview with Alicia Vikander (2012)
However, 2007 brought cinema three films featuring Alicia Vikander: the short films "Darkness of Truth" and "Rain," as well as an episode in the series "Andra Avenyn." These works did not bring the rising star widespread popularity beyond her native Sweden, but they marked the starting point for her future career blossoming.

She then had a couple more roles in films by independent Swedish directors ("Susans längtan," "Love"), and in 2010, after meeting with her old friend, the aspiring director Lisa Langseth, Alicia received the lead role in the drama "Pure". The film, about how art changed the life of an unemployed girl, earned the young actress the Guldbagge Award (the most prestigious Swedish film award) for Best Actress of the Year.
A scene from the film 'Pure'
A scene from the film 'Pure'
In 2012, Alicia affirmed her outstanding acting abilities by playing Kitty in the adaptation of Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" alongside Keira Knightley. Following the premiere, the British Academy named Vikander a promising young actress, after which the budding star moved to London.
Alicia Vikander played Kitty in 'Anna Karenina'
Alicia Vikander played Kitty in 'Anna Karenina'
Then came a period of active, intense work. 2012 brought Alicia the Berlin Film Festival award for her roles in "A Royal Affair" and "The Crown Jewels." In 2013, her name appeared in the opening credits of the action-packed biographical thriller "The Fifth Estate" with Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role. Alicia Vikander played the feminist Anke Domscheit-Berg, wife of German activist Daniel Berg.
Premiere of the film 'The Fifth Estate': Alicia Vikander with the cast
Premiere of the film 'The Fifth Estate': Alicia Vikander with the cast
Soon the actress returned from the foggy shores of England to her native Sweden, where she was awaited by a role in the psychological drama "Hotel." The film told the tragic story of a young mother suffering from postpartum syndrome. As therapy, she was invited to participate in a social experiment where participants were housed in a new hotel each morning, allowing them to wake up as a new person each day. This poignant film brought her an award at the Marrakech International Film Festival.
Alicia Vikander on Doing a German Accent for The Fifth Estate
2013 was also marked by work with the recognized master of stage and camera, Ewan McGregor, as well as the young actor Brenton Thwaites in the action film "Son of a Gun." Another interesting project was the period drama "Testament of Youth," where Alicia Vikander worked with "Game of Thrones" star Kit Harington.
Pictured: Alicia Vikander and Kit Harington
Pictured: Alicia Vikander and Kit Harington
In 2015, the actress decided to try her hand at a new genre, starring in Guy Ritchie's "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." She excelled in the spy action film, definitively dispelling any doubts critics had about her promising cinematic future.

Also, Alicia Vikander starred in Thomas Hooper's profound psychological drama "The Danish Girl," based on true events that inspired David Ebershoff's novel, which served as the screenplay. Vikander played Danish artist Gerda Wegener, wife of the first known transgender person living at the start of the 20th century. British actor Eddie Redmayne, also known for his role as Stephen Hawking in "The Theory of Everything," played her husband.
The Danish Girl - I Need My Husband Scene
The touching story of selfless love and difficult life choices captivated millions of viewers. Alicia's performance, in particular, was highly praised. Critics agreed that her supporting role was just the beginning. In 2016, at the Oscar ceremony, Alicia Vikander won Best Supporting Actress.
Alicia Vikander winning Best Supporting Actress
In 2016, she worked on the previously mentioned melodrama "The Light Between Oceans" and the action-packed blockbuster "Jason Bourne" with Matt Damon.

In 2017, Vikander had ambitious plans, with three films ready for release: the historical melodrama "Tulip Fever," which also featured young model Cara Delevingne, the drama "Euphoria," and the romantic thriller "Submergence," where she starred alongside James McAvoy.
'Euphoria' Alicia Vikander on First Time Producing a Feature Film
In 2017, Alicia Vikander was cast as Lara Croft in the new adaptation of the game, taking over from the unparalleled Angelina Jolie. The film premiered in March 2018.
Alicia Vikander in 'Tulip Fever'
Alicia Vikander in 'Tulip Fever'
According to the director, the team aimed to reduce the overt eroticism present in the first film, focusing instead on "Lara Croft kicking butt." Vikander admitted that among all the dangerous and challenging scenes, the water episodes were the hardest for her, taking 12 days to shoot.
Alicia Vikander Trainig for Lara Croft role
In 2019, she appeared in two premieres: the thriller "Earthquake Bird," and the short film "One Red Nose Day and a Wedding."

2020 marked Vikander's role in "The Glorias," a film about journalist Gloria Steinem, who became a figurehead of the American feminist movement in the late 1960s. Julianne Moore also starred in the film.
In 2021, Vikander was seen in three feature-length projects. First, the drama "The Green Knight," where she played Lady Bertilak. She also starred in the independent drama "Blue Bayou" and the political thriller "Beckett" alongside John Washington.
Alicia Vikander in 'The Green Knight'
Alicia Vikander in 'The Green Knight'
A year later, the premiere of the series "Irma Vep" featured Vikander in the lead role. Directed by Olivier Assayas, with whom Vikander connected over discussions on cinema and Ingmar Bergman's films in particular, the premiere took place at the Cannes Film Festival and later aired on HBO. Vikander shared insights on her character's similarities and differences with Mira, the protagonist, highlighting the intriguing aspects of playing an actress within the same industry yet with distinct personal traits.

Alicia Vikander's Personal Life

Alicia Vikander keeps her personal relationships away from the public eye. Fans have managed to find out very little. For instance, during the filming of "The Light Between Oceans," the Swedish beauty had a romance with her colleague – actor Michael Fassbender.
Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender
Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender
The actress herself refuses to comment on their relationship, playfully averting her eyes and suggesting that everyone should have a private life. Rumor has it, the couple has broken up a few times, but each time they quickly reconciled.
Alicia Vikander with her husband
Alicia Vikander with her husband
At the Oscars ceremony, Alicia's father confirmed that Michael is not an ex-lover. The couple enjoys each other's company and, according to the Swedish star's father, they are truly happy.
Alicia Vikander in a swimsuit
Alicia Vikander in a swimsuit
In 2017, they had a secret wedding, and in mid-2021, Alicia gave birth to their first child. The parents respect their baby's right to privacy, so they do not disclose the child's name or gender.

Her colleagues note that the actress is a rare guest at noisy social parties, as she is always very busy.

Alicia Vikander Now

Today, Alicia Vikander lives in London and continues to actively act in films. Vikander also continues to collaborate with famous clothing brands. The actress most often appears in campaigns for Louis Vuitton, and she has developed a friendly relationship with Nicolas Ghesquière, the fashion house's creative director.
Alicia Vikander and Nicolas Ghesquière
Alicia Vikander and Nicolas Ghesquière
In May 2022, the historical movie "Firebrand" premiered, where Vikander took on the role of Catherine Parr, the last wife of English monarch Henry VIII.
Alicia Vikander as Catherine Parr
Alicia Vikander as Catherine Parr
The premiere of the South Korean film "Hope," featuring Vikander and Michael Fassbender, is scheduled for 2025. Alicia has admitted that working in Korea has been her dream since attending the Busan Film Festival in 2010.

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