Angelina Jolie and her mother: what crossed out their relationship?

By the age of 40, Angelina Jolie managed to win the respect and admiration of the whole world, but the path to this was thorny and left an indelible imprint on the psyche of the actress. Jolie's relationship with her mother has always been painful and had a profound effect on both.

Angelina's mother, Marcheline Bertrand, was not a very successful actress - not a single box-office movie was released with her participation, therefore, having met Jon Voight, she completely devoted herself to raising children and family. However, the happiness did not last long - her husband left Marcheline a few months after the birth of Angelina. That is why the first blow to the baby occurred when she was only a year old. Then her mother settled her in another apartment and gave her under the supervision of nannies - Angelina reminded her too much of her departed husband.
Angelina Jolie and Marcheline Bertrand
Angelina Jolie and Marcheline Bertrand
Angelina had to spend two years away from her mother. Imbued with contempt for the ex-spouse, Marcheline decided to inspire her and children. Returning to her mother's house, Angelina grew up in an atmosphere of hatred for her father and men in general.

The upbringing methods familiar to Marchelin were considered by many to be bold - the woman gave her daughter complete freedom too early. That is why Angelina began living with her first boyfriend in her mother's house already at 14, and 2 years later, the girl, having matured even stronger, slept with her stepfather. For Marcheline, this was a double betrayal, so the actress kicked the cheater out of the house and harbored a long-term resentment against her daughter.

In the early 90s, fame fell on Angelina, and family strife faded into the background. The actress starred in dozens of films and managed to get married twice before her mother passed away - in 2007, Marcheline left the world after a long struggle with cancer.

Although Jolie's relationship with her mother did not go well all her life, the actress was extremely difficult to survive the loss. On this occasion, Angelina even published an essay in which she noted that living without maternal love, whatever it may be, is much more difficult for her.

One way or another, family grievances strongly affected Angelina. Firstly, because of her mother, Angelina did not communicate with her father, John Voight, almost all her life. Having been offended by him since childhood, only a few years ago Jolie allowed him to communicate with her children. Secondly, many believe that the mother's example did not allow her to build a stable relationship herself - Jolie has three unsuccessful marriages behind her back.

By the way, Jolie also brings up her daughter Shiloh, who recently announced her transgender transition, in maximum freedom, which often causes a wave of condemnation in her direction.
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