Joan Rowling`s ex husband responds to domestic violence allegations

15 June 2020
The scandal involving Joan Rowling began in June 2020, with a tweet in which the writer spoke ambiguously about transgender. The writer ridiculed the phrase “menstruating people,” which, in her opinion, is extremely ridiculously circumventing gender. Since then, the scandal surrounding the creator of Harry Potter has not abated, and a careless joke led Rowling to a scandal not only with colleagues but also with her ex-husband. So, after numerous colleagues from celebrities, Joan wrote an essay explaining the ambiguity of her attitude to trans-women issues and told how she was sexually abused in her youth.
Rowling's scandal begins due to careless statement
Rowling's scandal begins due to careless statement
In addition, Rowling mentioned the fact of domestic violence in her response to the community, blaming her ex-husband, Portuguese Jorge Arantes, who injured her while living together in the early '90s.

The statement of the writer did not go unnoticed, so the ex-husband hastened to answer Joan Rowling. According to Jorge, Rowling should not have pulled him into the scandal that she had committed. In addition, Joan's ex-husband recognized the case of domestic violence as one-time - Arantes hit Rowling only once and, in his own words, does not regret it at all.
We remind you that after a tweet about transgender, a number of celebrities spoke against Joan, including Sarah Paulson, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and several well-known LGBT-organizations. The writer had to admit her guilt for a sloppy joke, but star colleagues and society are in no hurry to forgive her.