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Bradley Cooper

Name: Bradley Cooper

Birth date: 5 of January 1975 (44 y.o.)

Place of birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Height: 185 cm Weight: 80 kg

Birth Sign: Capricorn

Chinese zodiac: Rabbit

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Biography of Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is one of the most prominent people of Hollywood. In his acting workshop many colleagues say about him: «I've never met a man as charming as he is!» The sparkling play, good looks and a drop of luck are the components that have determined the artistic success of this American actor. The most well-known role of the actor is the hapless bridegroom Phil in the comedy «The Hangover», but in his filmography, there are other outstanding roles, and not only in comedies.
Bradley Cooper is the star of «The Hangover»Bradley Cooper is the star of «The Hangover»

Childhood and Youth of Bradley Cooper

The future idol of millions was born in the family of Gloria and Charlie Cooper. In the actor’s veins, Irish (from his father, a stockbroker) and Italian (from his mother) blood were mixed in an interesting way. Perhaps, did this «explosive mixture» become the basis for progressing of young talent every year?
The baby photo of Bradley CooperThe baby photo of Bradley Cooper
As a child, Bradley Cooper had cholesteatoma in his middle ear. The doctors predicted him a complete hearing loss, but after a series of operations (Bradley had repeatedly to go under the scalpel until his adulthood), he got off with «a little blood» - since he had to swim with the special plugs.
Little Bradley Cooper and his sister HollyLittle Bradley Cooper and his sister Holly
Bradley Cooper remembers that his desire to become a serious dramatic actor has appeared at the age of 12 after watching the cult movie «The Elephant Man» by David Lynch. It impressed him so much that the teenager delved into the history of cinema, read biographies of the actors and joined the drama club.

After graduating from the high school, he had studied at Villanova Catholic University (Bradley's father was a devout Catholic and insisted on this choice) for a year before transferring to Georgetown University. But the strict rules of the Catholic University fettered creative guy, and he decided to take a student loan in the amount of seventy thousand dollars for admission to the New York Drama School.
Young Bradley Cooper (this photo is from a school yearbook of the actor)Young Bradley Cooper (this photo is from a school yearbook of the actor)
It was noteworthy that as a thesis Bradley Cooper chose «The Elephant Man». Subsequently, he joined the graduates from the category «our university is proud of them.»

The Beginning of Career

Bradley Cooper was the first person of all his classmates who got a personal agent. He quickly found work for the actor: Bradley appeared in the high-profile TV series «Sex and the City», playing one of many boyfriends of Carrie Bradshaw - Sarah Jessica Parker. This was followed by shooting in the movies «Law and Order», «My Little Eye», «The Street». A small portion of fame Bradley Cooper received after starring in the TV series «Alias», which was warmly met by the audience and critics, and even won several prestigious awards (including the Golden Globe Award).
The first role of Bradley Cooper («Sex and the City», 1999)The first role of Bradley Cooper («Sex and the City», 1999)
For some time, the actor was a host of the documentary program «Lonely Planet», where he spent releases about traveling to Croatia and Peru.
Young Bradley Cooper Picks Sean Penn's Brain in 1999
Then stagnation began in the career of Bradley Cooper. There was no serious work, and gradually the actor addicted to alcohol and drugs. Only a few people could name movies, where he had played, but everybody was aware of how he purposefully struck the concrete floor with his head on one of the Hollywood parties. It was twice.
Being young, Bradley Cooper was a rowdy personBeing young, Bradley Cooper was a rowdy person
At some time, the actor realized that everything could not continue in that way. «I am afraid that such a pace will just ruin my life!» - he recalled. He had pulled himself together by the end of 2004. Then he got a role in the comedy «Wedding Crashers». The leading actors of this movie were Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Bradley Cooper got the role of an arrogant groom of the heroine Rachel McAdams. The actor says this work is the first significant role in his filmography.
The scene from the movie «Wedding Crashers»The scene from the movie «Wedding Crashers»
In 2005, the sitcom «Kitchen Confidential» with Bradley Cooper in the lead role was released. According to its plot, the dissolute chef Jack who is like Cooper in his recent past opens the restaurant, where he can do whatever he wants.
In 2005, Bradley Cooper became «a chef» of the restaurantIn 2005, Bradley Cooper became «a chef» of the restaurant
In 2008, the man starred in his first horror film - «The Midnight Meat Train». He played a photographer. Trying to break into the «big leagues», he went down in the subway to take a catchy frame. Gradually the character realized that he had found something strange in the back streets of the metro and began his photoshoot which led the audience to the most unexpected outcome.
The first horror movie with Bradley CooperThe first horror movie with Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper and «The Hangover»: a New Stage of His Fame

In 2009, the actor’s filmography was replenished with the daring comedy «The Hangover» which later became one of the most recognizable works of the actor.
After «The Hangover,» Bradley Cooper has become one of the most important actorsAfter «The Hangover,» Bradley Cooper has become one of the most important actors
The plot is simple: Phil and his two friends wake up with a terrible hangover; they do not remember absolutely anything about yesterday's events. Moreover, their fourth friend has gone missing, they are in another state, and the wedding will begin in a few hours. In the audience’s opinion, four actors - Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha - succeeded in turning the comedy with an unpromising name in one of the best comic masterpieces of the last years.
«The Hangover». A trailer
Apparently, being bored with a comedy genre, the actor has begun to act in the serious dramatic movies since 2010. The actor’s filmography has been enriched with the movie «Limitless» - a psychological thriller about a writer-loser who takes a drug, sharpening his intellect to unimaginable heights.
«Limitless»: Bradley Cooper is on the drug NZ-17«Limitless»: Bradley Cooper is on the drug NZ-17
Then he starred in «The Words» (a «triple» dramatic story about a writer and his book) and the crime melodrama «The Place Beyond the Pines.»

In 2012, it was released another iconic movie with Bradley Cooper - «Silver Linings Playbook». The actor played the role of a former teacher named Pat Solitano who suffered from a mental disorder. This movie was a turning point in the career of a celebrity and (the critics considered almost unanimously) included Bradley Cooper in a number of strong dramatic actors. For his acting, Bradley Cooper was nominated for the BAFTA Award, «Oscar» and «Golden Globe». After the premiere, the tabloids began spreading rumors that Bradley Cooper was dating Jennifer Lawrence who had played the lead female role in the mentioned movie. However, both actors denied these rumors.
«Silver Linings Playbook»: Bradley Cooper Interview
In 2014, the actor took part in the shooting of the blockbuster «Guardians of the Galaxy» with Chris Pratt, but Bradley Cooper was not in the frame - he voiced a sarcastic talking raccoon named Rocket.
Bradley Cooper gave his voice the raccoon in «Guardians of the Galaxy»Bradley Cooper gave his voice the raccoon in «Guardians of the Galaxy»

Personal Life of Bradley Cooper

Because of his attractive appearance and remarkable charisma Bradley Cooper always easily find the keys to the hearts of the prettiest women in America. So, in 2006, he married the actress Jennifer Esposito, however, their marriage lasted only 4 months.
In the photo: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer EspositoIn the photo: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito
His new sonorous romance began after starring in «Case 39». After shooting in this movie the actor was frequently seen in public with his onscreen partner Renee Zellweger. Soon the stars officially declared themselves a couple. Despite the five-year age difference (Renee was older than her boyfriend), they seemed a surprisingly cute couple. Alas, at that time, having recently achieved worldwide popularity, Cooper was afraid of a serious relationship and did not want to associate himself with the loud vows of love and fidelity. In 2011, they announced their disagreement.
Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger met on the set of the movie «Case 39»Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger met on the set of the movie «Case 39»
But, probably, the star of «Bridget Jones's Diary» left an indelible scar on the heart of Bradley Cooper. His next relationship with the actress Zoe Saldana was short-lived. But the actor had dated Suki Waterhouse for more than a year and a half. According to the press, the reason for their breakup was the constant communication of Bradley with Zellweger. Suki was tired of being jealous of her beloved who could disappear for a few hours and then admit that he was with Renee.
Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse broke up because of Renee ZellwegerBradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse broke up because of Renee Zellweger
In April 2015, Bradley Cooper began dating Irina Shayk, a Russian model and former girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo. According to the numerous photos of the paparazzi on the Internet, their relationship is sincere and rosy.
The rest of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk was shot with a hidden cameraThe rest of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk was shot with a hidden camera
In April 2017, Shayk gave birth to their first child named Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper.

Bradley Cooper Now

In 2016, Bradley Cooper was starring in the comedy «War Dogs», appeared as a guest star. He also voiced a raccoon in the sequel to «Guardians of the Galaxy» (2017) (the best friend of a raccoon, the anthropomorphic tree-man Groot, was voiced by Vin Diesel).
2016: Bradley Cooper at the premiere of «War Dogs»2016: Bradley Cooper at the premiere of «War Dogs»
In the autumn of 2018, Cooper's first directorial work «A Star Is Born» was premiered. In the story, Lady Gaga played a Hollywood starlet, and the producer-alcoholic, played by Bradley Cooper, helped her on the way to fame. The debut was successful and both actors were nominated for an Oscar.
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga will act in the same movieBradley Cooper and Lady Gaga will act in the same movie
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