“He should be alive”: how did celebrities react to the murder of George Floyd?

The death of 46-year-old African American George Floyd by the hands of a policeman provoked a wave of protests among Americans. Residents of the country were outraged by the behavior of a law enforcement officer who tried to ‘pacify’ the black resident of Minneapolis and eventually strangled him.

This situation caused a widespread public outcry not only among ordinary people - musicians and Hollywood stars actively joined to the protests and began to publish their thoughts about what happened.
The incident occurred on May 25, 2020
The incident occurred on May 25, 2020
Anne Hathaway reacted to the situation quite sharply. The actress published a touching post in which she wrote that George Floyd “should be alive” and deserves justice like no other.
According to singer Demi Lovato, “community will be in danger” until social problems in the United States are resolved completely. By the way, her close friend, musician Nick Jonas, also expressed his position, saying that he was praying for Floyd and his family.
Eva Longoria also evoked strong emotions. According to the Hollywood actress, her "heart hurts every time she read the news", and every American, without exception, is a person who deserves protection.
In the memory of rapper Snoop Dogg, similar situations with African-Americans in the USA occur more often, so he made a whole selection of videos and photos with the illegal treatment of them and published it on Instagram.
Other celebrities, including Cardi B, Ciara, Beyonce, Gigi Hadid, and Justin Bieber, also spoke about the situation under the hashtag #GeorgeFloyd. They all agreed on one thing - the situation requires immediate intervention by government agencies to establish justice.

By the way, police officer Derek Chauvin, who is blamed for the incident, has already fired at people three times and has been implicated in several police crimes. At the moment, due to protests, the Minneapolis authorities have introduced an emergency regime, but no case has yet been opened against Chovin.