Kim Kardashian expressed her support for the ongoing protests in Armenia

The motherland of the TV star’s ancestors has been roaring from the marches of protests. The former president becoming the new vice-president caused all of them.

“I am really inspired by the fact that the people of Armenia have united in the peaceful protests to get their way in the dispute. This is a historical time for Armenia. Here is a photo of me in Armenia. The woman in this picture has touched my soul and for me she is the authentic representation of the heart of the Armenian nation!” – captioned her social media post the reality TV star of Armenian descent – Kim Kardashian.

The protest in Yerevan burst out on April 13th. They were caused by the appointment of the former Armenian president – Serzh Sargsyan – as a prime minister. He has led Armenia for the 10 years and had no right to run for the office again. The presidential term in Armenia is 5 years. Having spent 10 years as the leader of the nation Sargsyan made a promise to retire from politics but he didn’t keep his word. This has caused a massive disapproval among the Armenians and has united the opposition, which in turn appealed to protests by the people. One of the Armenian followers of Kim’s account left a friendly comment on her post in which she wrote: “That is a way to gooooo, fellow Armenians! I appreciate Kim following the events transpiring in her historical motherland and her being happy for the deeds of the people. You should be proud that we have such a personality as Kim that represents our nation in the west and is genuinely worried about us. Thank you, Kimmie!” Lots of people supported the patriotic vibe and thanked Kim for not being indifferent.
However, some people didn’t find Kim’s concern to be genuine and thought that the model has simply used the protests as a reason to post another picture of her in a sexy dress… “Perhaps, you just like yourself too much on this photo and has decided to show it?”, “This woman supports Serzh, what the hell, Kim?!”, “She couldn’t care less about these protests…”, “I don’t really see this woman touching anyone’s soul.”