19 Gay Men Celebrities And Their Husbands (photo)

Some representatives of show business announced their non-traditional orientation even before society was ready for this. Since then, all the novels of homosexual celebrities have been known to both their fans and haters.

Many of them went further - despite the complexity of the process, they were able to get married and build a strong family. These celebrities look happy. Paparazzi now and then find couples in love on walks together or during holidays, as well as at premieres and concerts.
The selection from the editors of Zoomboola contains more than 16 photos of famous gays and their soulmates. Some of these couples have been known for a long time - for example, Elton John married David Furnish back in 2014, and Stephen Fry got engaged to his beloved Elliott Spencer in 2015. Yves Saint Laurent did not have time to comprehend all the delights of married life - he died in 2008, a few months after the wedding with Pierre Berger.
Stephen Fry and Elliott Spencer
Stephen Fry and Elliott Spencer
In the photo, all these stars look happy – why not be happy for them?