What does 50-year-old Uma Thurman`s boyfriend look like?

The star of the films "Kill Bill" Uma Thurman remained alone for about 5 years, but the other day she still told the fans who she was dating.

Until some point, the actress's personal life was very eventful - for two years she was married to Gary Oldman, later to Ethan Hawke, and until 2014 she was married to financier Arpad Busson.
Uma Thurman
Uma Thurman
Now the actress is 50 years old. Thurman is a mother of three and a busy actress, but recently it became known that she still found herself in a relationship again. Her new chosen one, according to Page Six, was the architect Peter Sabbet.

According to the source, the lovers met this summer, on the beach in Sag Harbor. Peter approached Uma and asked to look after his dog, not even knowing that he was in front of a Hollywood star. As it turned out, Uma's new chosen one knew nothing about her filmography.
The editors of Zoomboola.com remind that the couple's relationship has gone so far that the lovers are already choosing a house in the Hamptons to live in it together.