Shia LaBeouf accused of beating and stealing

According to American Tyler Murphy, the LaBeouf incident took place in Los Angeles in June 2020.

It is known that he quarreled with the actor, the reason for which was not specified.

The skirmish led to a fight, and after it, Shia took Tyler's cap and disappeared with it. Now Labeouf has been charged with two petty robbery and robbery charges.
Shia LaBeouf beat a man
Shia LaBeouf beat a man
This, by the way, is not the first time that Shia was involved in such a story. Labeouf has long confessed to alcohol addiction, which puts him at the center of scandals. So, in 2014, he disrupted the performance of a musical group, and in 2017, he insulted a woman who did not treat him to a cigarette. Both times he was detained by law enforcement officers.