Angelina Jolie`s daughter looks like a girl again after the transgender transition

About a year ago, it became known about the gender change of 14-year-old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt - the girl asked to name her John, and all her documents had to be corrected. It was also known about the upcoming hormone therapy.

So, recently, Shilo regularly appeared in men's images - for the most part, the girl preferred voluminous clothes or men's tracksuits. The other day, the paparazzi found her in an unusual female image - she was found with her mother and sister in a skirt and with grown hair.
Angelina Jolie's daughter unexpectedly puts on a skirt
Angelina Jolie's daughter unexpectedly puts on a skirt
The users were shocked by what they saw: Shiloh was undergoing hormone therapy and tried to reincarnate into a man, but the result was completely different.
Many of the fans are sure that this is the result of the efforts of Jolie and Pitt: the parents tried not to interfere with Shiloh's self-determination, therefore, having tested several options for herself, she may have chosen the best one for herself. Shilo herself did not comment on her appearance.
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  • Umm no if you think a parent can make a teen be a different gender or for that matter an 18 yr old or 20 yr old you are out of your mind.Not to mention parents project millions of things onto there children.Like gender roles and religion as well as tolerance.In the end we are what we are so anyones opinion is just that.THERE OPINION.
    2021-02-05 15:05:58
  • Growing up as a Tom boy I can tell you that I am happy that i am glad that there wasn`t any of this «you can be a boy if you want» stuff. As a child that would have been confusing to me as i probably would have said yes, i want to be a boy if that`s an option. I definitely would have changed my mind by the age of 15 as I liked boys and definitely would not have been happy being one or having anyone trying to pressure me to be one.
    2021-02-02 03:06:00
  • Shiloh was a frigging child. A Child! And idiots who did not even know her on any level projected what they thought she should be. I`m glad they have egg on their face now. I dressed as a boy all through my elementary- most of my high school years, but know I dress totally feminine. So what? Stop projecting on children! Speculating on her gender or sexuality is none of your darn business!
    2021-01-20 21:24:40