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Name: Ella Purnell

Birth date: 17 of September 1996 (22 y.o.)

Place of birth: London, the UK

Height: 160 cm Weight: 44 kg

Birth Sign: Virgo

Chinese zodiac: Rat

Occupation: actress

Photo: Ella Purnell

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Ella Pernell’s Biography

Ella Purnell is a British actress, positioned by mass media as a new muse of American film director Tim Burton. The starting point in the girl’s acting career was the role in his film «Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children».
Ella Purnell is a new muse of Tim BurtonElla Purnell is a new muse of Tim Burton

The Childhood

The British actress – young, but already famous in Hollywood – was born on 17 September 1996 in the capital of the United Kingdom, where she lives currently with her mother and stepfather. She has three younger half-brothers on the father (her parents are divorced, each having a new family). Her mother is a yoga teacher, her stepfather is the owner of the club.
Ella Purnell in childhoodElla Purnell in childhood
The future artist attended a private school, Forest School, located on the edge of the ancient Epping forest in the North-Eastern part of the city. The educational approach in the school included cultivating a caring attitude to nature in children among other things. Later she attended a school for girls, the City of London School for Girls, having an ancient history and excellent academic reputation.

From childhood, Ella had an inherent desire to learn and win. Perhaps that is why at the age of 12 she was lucky to be selected among hundreds of other contenders for the role in the musical «Oliver!», which is a screen adaptation of Dickens’ famous work «Oliver Twist». After receiving it, within the next year, she performed on the stage of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in the children's troupe.
Ella Purnell starring in the movie from thirteenElla Purnell starring in the movie from thirteen
Simultaneously with the main study and work in the theatre, she began to work at a famous theatre school with Sylvia Young where the learned acting techniques, fundamentals of stage speech, vocals, dance, and also attended a music class.

The Acting Career

Ella Purnell’s debut in the movie took place in 2010. After starring in the «Oliver!» from the theatre’s repertoire, she was invited to play Ruth-child (the leading character of the film adaptation of the novel «Never Let Me Go» by Kazuo Ishiguro, British author of Japanese origin). The story narrates of clones-donors dying after donating the required organs for transplantation. The «adult» version of this character was played by Keira Knightley.
«Never Let Me Go» (2010) was the first film role by Ella Purnell«Never Let Me Go» (2010) was the first film role by Ella Purnell
The next work of 14-year-old Ella was the role of Kylie in the movie «Ways to Live Forever» on the same-called novel by Sally Nicholls, known for her deep research in the psychological field.
A scene from the movie «Ways to Live Forever»A scene from the movie «Ways to Live Forever»
Then the actress appeared in the film, shot in London and Madrid and released in 2011, the picture about the invasion, «Intruders» as Mia, a daughter of a leading actor played by a British actor Clive Owen. After that, the young talent was included in the Top 10 British Stars of Tomorrow by Screen International.
Little Ella Pernell starred in the horror film «Intruders»Little Ella Pernell starred in the horror film «Intruders»
In 2013, the actress could be seen in the role of Dolce in a comedy action movie «Kick-Ass 2», where her partners on the set was an American actress and model Chloe Moretz, embodying the image of a deadly girly named Hit Girl, a British star Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and a comedian Jim Carrey.
Each Ella Pernell’s character is bright and uniqueEach Ella Pernell’s character is bright and unique
In 2014, the actress embodies the image of a young version of Angelina Jolie’s character in the fantasy film «Maleficent», the Disney remake of «Sleeping Beauty». Besides, this was Jolie, who offered to invite the young actress for this role to the immense joy. Ella's delight is quite understandable – there is no girl does not dream to meet a Hollywood star in this age?
Ella Purnell in the role of young MaleficentElla Purnell in the role of young Maleficent
In addition, during the same period, she starred in the image of Mackenzie, escaped from the home in the film «Wildlike», for which she was awarded several awards, including the June Laiff Award for the Best Actress.
Ella Purnell in «Wildlike»Ella Purnell in «Wildlike»
In a review in Interview Magazine the girl, who get world-wide recognition in such a short time, admitted that her true passion is not cinema, but theatre stages, and she desperately seeks to return to the theater.

In 2015, the actress starred with Asa Butterfield and Eva Green in the fairy film directed by Tim Burton, «Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children» on the bestseller of Ransom Riggs, released in 2016. She played the role of Emma Bloom, a girl with a supernatural ability to manipulate air.
«Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children»: Ella Purnell plays Emma Bloom«Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children»: Ella Purnell plays Emma Bloom
She then appeared in «Tarzan» in the young image of Jane Porter. Interestingly, Margot Robbie, who played the grown-up Jane Porter is older than Pernell for 5 years only in real life.

Ella Pernell’s Personal Life

In Ella Pernell’s filmography, there are many difficult, bright, exciting, and serious pictures. Despite her youth, her great acting talent allowed her to get used to the role awesomely and cope with any characters.
Ella Pernell is an ordinary girl in real lifeElla Pernell is an ordinary girl in real life
In life, she remained the most ordinary girl, but with an active lifestyle. In high school she enjoyed working with younger students dancing, training other students in mathematics. She has mastered two foreign languages (French and Spanish), learned to play the piano and saxophone. In July 2016, she organized the crowdfunding to the funds for children and teenagers’ crisis assistance by donating this charitable organization 7 thousand pounds.
Ella Purnell wants to return to the theater stageElla Purnell wants to return to the theater stage
In addition to her acting career, the young Briton is actively engaged in charitable cooperating with non-profit organization Educate2Eradicate, specializing in gender discrimination, working with difficult teenagers, and taking measures for the honor and the dignity protection of girls and women. She also works closely with the foundation of creative photojournalism, founded to support talented young people who aspire to use your creativity to change society for the better.
The largest glossy magazines «hunt» the girlThe largest glossy magazines «hunt» the girl
After the filming of the joint film project «Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children» with Asa Butterfield rumors appeared in the press about their love affair, which was not officially confirmed. But it is known that in the pauses of shooting the young man helped his young partner to prepare for final exams for the matriculation certificate, only thanks to which, according to her statement, she passed.
Ella Purnell and Asa Butterfield spend time togetherElla Purnell and Asa Butterfield spend time together
In the fall of 2017, the foreign tabloids reported that 53-year-old Brad Pitt demonstrates signs of attention to the 21-year-old actress. In addition, the actors will work together on the adaptation of the novel «Sweetbitter» by writer Stefania Danler.
Ella reminds a young Angelina Jolie, as the girl’s fans thinkElla reminds a young Angelina Jolie, as the girl’s fans think
Ella loves tennis, gymnastics lessons, and is also great with a sword. In 2016, she was debuted as a model during the fashion show brands by Gucci and Dior.

Ella Purnell Today

Also in 2016, Ella Purnell has been busy making the youth film-travel «Access All Areas» and two biopics «Churchill», a story about the legendary British premiere (played by Brian Cox), and «Access all areas» (in another translation «The Journey is the Destination»), which narrated about a 22-year-old English photojournalist Dan Eldon, beaten to death in Somalia.
Ella Purnell todayElla Purnell today
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