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Name: Daniel Radcliffe

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Birth date: (33 y.o.)

Place of birth: London

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Biography of Daniel Radcliffe

Who has not heard the name of Daniel Radcliffe, a British actor who played Harry Potter in the legendary film series about the world of wizards? And although the last part of the franchise was released a long time ago, his popularity is growing every year thanks to innate talent and truly English intelligence that makes every Daniel Radcliffe's role unique. Net worth: $110 million.
Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe

Childhood. First roles

Daniel Jacob Radcliffe was born in London in 1989, in the family of Alan Radcliffe and Marcy Gresh. The boy's parents were closely connected with the art world: his father was a literary agent in a major London publishing house, and his mother worked as a casting director on television; in their youth, they tried themselves as actors.
Parents of Daniel Radcliffe at the premiere of the film featuring their son
Parents of Daniel Radcliffe at the premiere of the film featuring their son
Little Daniel was dreaming of becoming an actor since he was five years old. When he was put in a private school at the age of six, he debuted in an amateur production playing monkey and began to persistently ask to be taken to television casting. Parents were against the idea because Daniel suffered from dyspraxia (impaired coordination) and was very clumsy and studied badly. Yet, when the boy was nine, Marcy gave in and took him to the casting of "David Copperfield" based on the novel by Charles Dickens.
Daniel Radcliffe as a child
Daniel Radcliffe as a child
The film was sponsored by the BBC but in 1999, shortly after the premiere on British screens, it was also seen by American audiences who highly appreciated Daniel's play: "The actor who looks so natural on the screen is a rarity, especially when so young! He looks like a real orphan from the XIX century. "
Little David Copperfield, the first role of Daniel Radcliffe
Little David Copperfield, the first role of Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter

In 2000, Radcliffe got an episodic role in the film "The Tailor of Panama." He played the son of characters by Jamie Lee Curtis and Jeffrey Rush. At the same time, the UK began to search for actors to film the first novel about Harry Potter that was released in 1997 and had already become a cult work for children around the world.
Daniel Radcliffe as a child (third from right)
Daniel Radcliffe as a child (third from right)
The author of the novel Joan Rowling put a firm condition: all the actors involved in the film must have been British. Director of a large-scale project Chris Columbus was puzzled for a long time over the task to find a young actor who would be a native of Britain and would be appreciated by a demanding writer. By the time the casting had lasted 9 months, more than 16,000 pretenders had tried for the role of Harry Potter, and all of them were rejected. "We'll have to shoot a film without Harry Potter," joked members of the crew.
Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint first meet
Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint first meet
By accident, Chris came across a videotape «Copperfield,» and after watching it, immediately told an assistant to find the young actor. Radcliffe was invited to casting but his parents were against the idea, they wanted their son to be an ordinary child – to study, attend clubs, play with friends, and not spend all his childhood on the set. The occasion helped: it turned out that the film's producer David Heyman was intimately acquainted with Radcliffe's father who, after long persuasion, gave his son to the directors. And the most important thing, Joanne Rowling was delighted with Daniel, and the boy was approved for the role of Harry Potter.
harry Potter screen tests
The start "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" filming was in September 2000. Daniel had to play with Rupert Grint and Emma Watson whom Rowling also approved. During the work, everyone was amazed at the physical abilities of Daniel: he performed all the tricks, and only the most dangerous scenes were made with the help of stuntmen. For example, in Quidditch scenes, the actor was hanging in the air on a broomstick at a height of several meters, and this did not frighten him at all.
Harry Potter taming a broom
Harry Potter taming a broom
To say that "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" was a great success means to say nothing - the world's book office reached a figure of one billion dollars. The adventure of an orphan boy who learned about his magical origin on the day of his 11th birthday gathered full rooms even a few months after the premiere.
A scene from the movie
A scene from the movie "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"
A year later, in November 2002, the premiere of the second part "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" took place. The spectators were amazed: a good fairy tale about the wizard boy went more dramatic, the characters grew up, and the plot twists at times made us think about the advisability of the "12 +" filter. This tren exacerbated with every new Harry Potter movie: so, the fourth part of the film was not recommended for viewing by persons under 13 years old.
A scene from the movie
A scene from the movie "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"
According to Zoomboola.com, in 2004, the premiere of the third part "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" took place. The team of the picture has undergone significant changes: firstly, a little-known Alfonso Cuaron came to the place of Columbus; secondly, Michael Gambon replaced Richard Harris who died on the eve of filming; finally, the legendary Gary Oldman joined the cast as Uncle Sirius.
Daniel Radcliffe always appreciated the talent of Gary Oldman
Daniel Radcliffe always appreciated the talent of Gary Oldman
For filming in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," Daniel had to practice a lot in scuba diving and stunts. Once he even made a vertical drop from a 15-meter height. In 2006, Daniel Radcliffe finally extended his filmography with a new role starring in the melodrama "December boys."
Daniel Radcliffe in
Daniel Radcliffe in "December Boys"
The same year, the shooting of the fifth part of "Harry Potter" started. The actors had to leave Scotland where they worked on the previous parts, and go to Scandinavia - only there the directors found snow-covered landscapes suitable for scenery. The director of the new picture was David Yates - he led the franchise down to the final.
Daniel Radcliffe and Ralph Fiennes
Daniel Radcliffe and Ralph Fiennes
In 2007, Radcliffe performed at the theaters of the West End, and then on Broadway where he appeared in the play "Equus" based on a play by Peter Scheffer. According to the plot of the work, the boy-groom goes mad in his fascination with horses. In one of the scenes, Daniel had to play completely naked, and when the photos from the play got into the press, many parents were in favor of banning Radcliffe from participating in the production of Harry Potter: "He plays in the most popular children's film, and this obscene behavior corrupts the viewers!" The fact that most of the fee the actor transferred to the fund for the help of suicidal LGBT teenagers, added gas to a fire.
Daniel Radcliffe appeared naked on the stage (the play
Daniel Radcliffe appeared naked on the stage (the play "Equus")
Unfortunately, with the beginning of work on «Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,» Daniel did not have time for the theater, although before the start of the shooting he managed to show up in the film directed by British director Brian Kirk – "My Boy Jack" about the tragic pages of the life of Rudyard Kipling. Here, Daniel who had just turned 18, appeared in the image of a young military man with a mustache. The character was as different from Harry Potter as possible, and this film showed that Daniel Radcliffe was not at all an actor in one role.
"My Boy Jack": Daniel Radcliffe grew a mustache
The grim "Half-Blood Prince" was presented to the public in July 2009, and a year and a half later, the first part of the final of the saga "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" was released. Radcliffe was extremely impressed with the joint work with Helena Bonham Carter who played Volant-de-Mort's assistant Bellatrix Lestrange: "Helena is one of those actors who, as soon as they hear the "Motor!" command, simply change – not only in terms of character but also physically."
Daniel Radcliffe and Helena Bonham Carter
Daniel Radcliffe and Helena Bonham Carter
The same year, Daniel Radcliffe was named the highest-paid actor of the last decade. Indeed, his royalties for Harry Potter grew exponentially. Whereas for participation in the first part, he got "only" a million dollars, his salary for the first "Deathly Hallows" increased 20 times, and for the next episode, he was rewarded million.
2009: Daniel Radcliffe is the highest-paid actor
2009: Daniel Radcliffe is the highest-paid actor

Further career

"Harry Potter" was over. In the first months Radcliffe simply did not know what to do, and eventually became addicted to alcohol. "I felt completely inconsolable," he shared during the interview.
After Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe became addicted to alcohol
After Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe became addicted to alcohol
He was rescued from alcoholic anguish in late 2011 by an invitation from director James Watkins who wanted Daniel for the lead role of his new project, a mystical thriller "The Woman in Black." This time, Radcliffe played a young lawyer and single father from the Victorian era.
Daniel Radcliffe on the set of
Daniel Radcliffe on the set of "The Woman in Black"
In 2012, Radcliffe played in the adaptation of the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, entitled "A Young Doctor's Notebook." Daniel played the role of a young rural doctor Vladimir faced numerous unforeseen difficulties during the practice. This experience left the actor with warm memories especially since his favorite novel is "Master and Margarita."
"A Young Doctor's Notebook ": Daniel Radcliffe and John Hamm
A year later, a new film featuring Daniel Radcliffe "Horns," a mystical drama with absurd elements was released. The actor played an ordinary American guy who discovered one morning that horns were growing out of his head giving him the ability to read the innermost thoughts of others.
Daniel Radcliffe in the movie
Daniel Radcliffe in the movie "Horns"
Another project that Radcliffe was working on at the time was the drama Kill Your Darlings where he played the beatnik, Allen Ginsberg.
Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg
Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg
For the next couple of years, Daniel Radcliffe dedicated himself to the theatre again taking part in the productions "How to succeed in business without really trying " and "The Cripple from Inishmaan." Also, he starred in the comedy "The F-word" featuring Zoe Kazan, the melodrama "Trainwreck," along with Amy Schumer and Bree Larson, as well as in the biopic "Breakthrough Moment" about the opposition between the lawyer Mike Thompson and creators of the game "Grand Thief Auto."

In 2016, Radcliffe starred in the black comedy "Swiss Army Man" as a corpse. Actor's partners were Dana and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
Daniel Radcliffe in the role of a corpse (
Daniel Radcliffe in the role of a corpse ("Swiss Army Man ")
In April of the same year, Daniel Radcliffe said that soon fans would see him in the Broadway production of "Privacy" based on the life of Edward Snowden.
Daniel Radcliffe with a beard
Daniel Radcliffe with a beard
In 2016, the actor appeared in the follow-up of the action "Lie to Me" starring Dave Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, and Woody Harrelson. Radcliffe played the main anti-hero, the technologist Walter Mabry. Next, the film "Imperium" was released. In it, Radcliffe's character, an FBI agent enters the gang of neo-Nazis. Many critics have called this role the most serious project in the "adult" career of the British actor.
A shot from the film
A shot from the film "Imperium"
The year of 2017 was marked with the release of a survival thriller "Jungle," the role of Rosenkrantz in the play based on Tom Stoppard's play "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" that was successfully staged at The Old Vic Theater.

In 2018, Radcliffe starred in the action movie "Dangerous mission", but despite the loud name on the playbill, the audience took the tape with skepticism. "Although Radcliffe did his best to make his character feel compassionate, the writers left his efforts in vain," critics wrote.
In the same year, the actor worked on the set of the series "Miracle Workers". Daniel played the angel who was given the last chance to save the Earth from divine wrath and destruction. The role of God was played by Steve Buscemi.

The personal life of Daniel Radcliffe

In November 2010, Daniel Radcliffe started dating the assistant director Rosie Coker. That time, the actor admitted that he was a one-woman man but in October 2012, their relationship came to an end.
Daniel Radcliffe and Rosie Coker
Daniel Radcliffe and Rosie Coker
In 2013, on the set of the film "Kill Your Darlings," he met an actress Erin Darke. For a while, the debate between Radcliffe fans about the reality of their affair took place but soon the conjectures were confirmed: Daniel and Erin appeared together at the festival of independent cinema "Sundance." After that, they stopped hiding their relationship.
Daniel Radcliffe and his girlfriend Erin Darke
Daniel Radcliffe and his girlfriend Erin Darke

Daniel Radcliffe Now

After working on "Miracle Workers" in 2019, Radcliffe starred in the 'Akimbo' comedy thriller. In 2020, the actor continues to act in popular films. So, in March of that year, the premiere of the movie Escape from Pretoria, in which Radcliffe played the main character, Timothy Jenkin.
During the coronavirus pandemic, the media claimed that the artist became infected, but Daniel denied this information, telling fans that he was completely healthy.

In 2021, the third season of "Miracle Workers" was released, in which the action takes viewers to the times of the Wild West, and Radcliffe was reincarnated as a God-fearing pastor leading his tribesmen to winter in Oregon. Buscemi also plays the gangster Benny the Sucker, accompanying them on this path full of dangers.
A shot from the third season of
A shot from the third season of "Miracle Workers"
In the same year, HBO announced the filming of a special edition of Harry Potter, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the release of the first film about young wizards.By the way the creator of the Potter books was not invited to the shooting because of the scandal with her criticism of transsexuals – the writer did not like that representatives of the LGBT community suggested calling women "people with menstruation."

Radcliffe was among those who criticized Rowling. The actor noted that he did not expect such behavior and harsh statements from Rowling, who literally gave him a career in cinema:
Transgender women are women. Any statement to the contrary erases the identity and dignity of transgender people and contradicts all the advice given by health associations that have much more extensive knowledge on this issue than Joan or me
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