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Name: Anna Kendrick

Birth date: 9 of August 1985 (33 y.o.)

Place of birth: Portland, Maine, U.S.

Height: 156 cm Weight: 45 kg

Birth Sign: Leo

Chinese zodiac: Ox

Occupation: actress, singer

Photo: Anna Kendrick

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Biography of Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is a popular American actress, famous for playing in such films as Up in the Air, Pitch Perfect, Twilight, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, End of Watch, and other popular pictures.
A Singer and Actress, Anna KendrickA Singer and Actress, Anna Kendrick

Childhood of Anna Kendrick. First Roles

The future star of American cinematography, Anna Kendrick, was born into a family of a school teacher and accountant from Portland on August 9, 1985. The young girl has an older brother, Michael, who has also dedicated his life to the film industry (he played in the drama Looking for an Echo and the TV show Celebrity Ghost Stories).

Up to ten years, she was an ordinary American schoolgirl: she was a diligent schoolgirl, practiced music and showed parents short performances she had produced with her brother. In 1995, parents finally considered their children's interests and the family traveled to New York to participate in the first significant audition.
When Anna Kendrick was a Child, She was Keen on Signing and DancingWhen Anna Kendrick was a Child, She was Keen on Signing and Dancing
At the audition, she was considered too young and inexperienced, so she was advised to return in a couple of years. But next time, the 12-year old Anna gained film directors' hearts and got a role in the Broadway musical High Society. Despite her young age, she received a nomination for the prestigious Tony Award for that role.
Little Anna Kendrick Sings on Broadway, 1998
From that moment on, she had to split her time between school and theater. Pretty soon, she got a second significant role. This time, it was a role in the musical A Little Night Music.

The girl made her film debut in 2003. It was the youth musical Camp, describing everyday life of a camp for musically gifted teenagers.
Camp - the First Anna Kendrick's Role in the Film IndustryCamp - the First Anna Kendrick's Role in the Film Industry

Acting Career of Anna Kendrick

In 2007, she got a much bigger role in the full-length drama Rocket Science. According to the pot, her character, Ginny, who is a leader of a school debate club, charms a teenage loser. To convincingly portray a professional debater, Anna had to watch videos of real school debates for a few hours.
Rocket Science: Anna Kendrick Portraying a Debate Lover, GinnyRocket Science: Anna Kendrick Portraying a Debate Lover, Ginny
But pretty soon, Anna Kendrick got a long-awaited breakthrough role of Jessica Stanley in the vampire saga Twilight, a classmate of Bella Swan who was secretly in love with Edward Cullen. You'd think, a role in the super popular franchise with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would have been a pearl of Anna Kendrick's short filmography she had at that time. But the actress thought otherwise, In Twilight, I portrayed a silly girl. And I hope my admirers will remember me for my other works such as Up in the Air or Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
In Twilight, Anna Kendrick Portrayed Bella's Envious FriendIn Twilight, Anna Kendrick Portrayed Bella's Envious Friend
Indeed, Twilight has become a starting point for her future career breakthrough. Only a year later, the tragicomedy Up in the Air was released in which the girl portrayed an active university graduate who got a job in a company providing dismissal services. According to the plot, her character faces all ins and outs of this business against a backdrop of the main character's personal drama - an in-house lawyer Ryan Bingham portrayed by George Clooney.
A Frame from the Film Up in the AirA Frame from the Film Up in the Air
Later, the girl appeared in the screen version of comic books Scott Pilgrim vs. the World where she portrayed a younger sister of the main character. Unfortunately, a storyline of her character, Stacey Pilgrim, was significantly cut during the final film editing. But in return, she gained priceless experience and became friends with key actors of the project, Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Anna Kendrick and Mary WinsteadScott Pilgrim vs. the World: Anna Kendrick and Mary Winstead
After this project, the actress stared with Seth Rogen in the comedy Life After Beth, she also appeared in the follow-ups of Twilight and even in the thriller The Company You Keep directed by Robert Redford himself.
Anna Kendrick Settled Down in All Glossy Magazines Ever SinceAnna Kendrick Settled Down in All Glossy Magazines Ever Since
Her appearance in the crime picture End of Watch caught spectators' memory - Anna Kendrick portrayed Janet, a pregnant wife of a policeman who was haunted by Mexican drug dealers.

The youth comedy Pitch Perfect was something of Anna Kendrick's benefit performance. The actress played the lead, portraying a college student who suddenly discovered her passion for signing acapella. Later, the song her character had sung at the audition was released as a single.
Anna Kendrick – Cups
The picture The Voices with Ryan Reynolds in the lead gave the actress an unusual experience. A Hollywood cutie portrayed a kind guy, suffering from mental disorder, and Anna Kendrick portrayed one of his girl-friends. An unexpected plot twist surprised all film spectators.
A poster of The Voices with Anna Kendrick and Ryan Reynolds in the LeadA poster of The Voices with Anna Kendrick and Ryan Reynolds in the Lead
In 2014, the heart touching melodrama The Last Five Years was released. The romance of characters portrayed by Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan was accompanied by romantic melodies most of which the actors had performed themselves.

Private Life of Anna Kendrick

In 2008, the young beauty met a film director, Edgar Wright. It was him who offered her to star in his film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
Anna Kendrick and Edgar Wright Broke Up, But They're Still FriendsAnna Kendrick and Edgar Wright Broke Up, But They're Still Friends
In the beginning, the couple tried to hide their relationship from the press to shield themselves from annoying paparazzi and avoid publicity. Unfortunately, it didn't help - in 2014, the couple broke up because they couldn't handle long separation. Anna spent most of her time in Los Angeles, and Edgar worked in London. But they are still very good friends.

In the winter of 2014, she started dating a cameraman, Ben Richardson, she had met during the work on the film Drinking Buddies.

Anna Kendrick Now

In 2016, she played the leading roles in two comedies: Get a Job where she had to portray an ex-graduate, facing the realities of the financial crisis and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates where Anna Kendrick, together with Aubrey Plaza, portrayed flighty party girls. Furthermore, the premiere of the third part of Pitch Perfect took place in 2017.
2016: Anna Kendrick at the Guys Choice Awards2016: Anna Kendrick at the Guys Choice Awards
In 2018, the actress played the lead in the detective thriller A Simple Favor. The film on which Anna worked with Blake Lively had a big box-office success and pretty high ratings.
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