Katy Perry admitted that she wanted to commit suicide because of the breakup with Orlando Bloom in 2017

Katy Perry was supposed to marry her lover Orlando Bloom this year, but the pandemic has made adjustments to their plans. The wedding in 2020 will not take place. Despite this, future spouses are preparing for an early replenishment - Perry is waiting for the first-born from the actor.

Perry admitted that more recently in her life there was a black streak, and she even wanted to commit suicide after breaking up with Orlando in 2017. Also, at that time the singer's album sold poorly. All this served as the reason that the star had thoughts to commit an irreparable act
Katie and Orlando are expecting a baby
Katie and Orlando are expecting a baby
Katie was saved by faith because she was born in a religious family and understood that it was impossible to do what she thought about. Perry said she found reasons to be thankful. Katie hopes that higher powers created her for something special.

We remind you that in the spring of 2017, not only Western fans but also fans around the world experienced a couple. Then representatives of lovers noted that the artists broke up, but continue to treat each other with respect. However, a year after the breakdown, it became known that the couple was expecting a baby.
By the way, Katy Perry is not the first known companion of Orlando. He was previously married to Kate Bosworth and Miranda Kerr. You can look at the ex-spouse of other Hollywood handsome men in our photo selection.