Zooey Deschanel divorced with husband after 4 years of marriage

25 June 2020
The 40-year-old actress broke up with her husband, 48-year-old Jacob Pechenik. Establishment of custody of two children, Elsie and Charlie, Zooey managed to achieve 9 months after the separation.

Although the marriage of Zooey and Jacob was very spontaneous (the wedding took place 10 months after meeting) and was short-lived, the couple managed to maintain friendly relations after the breakup.
Also, Jacob Pechenik did not object to the legal measure that Zooey asked for - the actress proposed making the children double names, which would facilitate their joint trips abroad. Thus, now the daughter of Zooey Jacob will be named Elsie Otter Deschanel Liver, and her son - Charlie Wolf Deschanel Liver.
Deschanel and Pechenik establish joint custody of children
Deschanel and Pechenik establish joint custody of children
We remind you that Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik got married in 2015, and in 2019 the couple announced a separation, which was caused by irreconcilable differences.