How did the romantic relationship between Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara develop?

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara is not the most public couple of cinema, which rarely pleases fans with news from their personal lives. That is why every event associated with them blows up the headlines of the media.

So, in May 2020, “Joker’s” sweetheart was seen in excessively baggy clothes and immediately was ‘transferred’ to the future mother status by fans. Today we recall when feelings between Phoenix and Mara appeared, and how the birth of a common child can affect their life together.

Filming Together

The actors met on the set of the film “Mary Magdalene” in 2016, where Joaquin and Rooney starred as Jesus and Mary. According to the Phoenix, initially he felt exclusively neglect from Mara, but then he was able to understand that she just showed her interest this way. The first appearance of the couple at the 70th Cannes Festival showed that the actors still figured out their feelings and are in a relationship now.


The wedding of Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix was a secret: the actors didn’t plan to share the news with the fans. However, in 2019, the girl showed the wedding ring in several photos. So the fans concluded that after 3 years of relationship Rooney and Joaquin finally legalized their marriage. The news was long-awaited for the public, because the artists themselves denied marriage as a phenomenon for a long time, considering it too categorical and bold decision.
In 2019, the couple became engaged
In 2019, the couple became engaged

Rumors about a baby

In the spring of 2020, journalists and fans had a new topic, not only for discussion but also for joy - a source close to the couple said that lovers are expecting a baby. The appearance of Rooney also became a kind of confirmation - on the street, she quite often began to appear in very loose things. That is why fans do not doubt that Phoenix and Mara will soon become happy parents.
Rooney began to appear on the street in baggy clothes
Rooney began to appear on the street in baggy clothes
Although the actors keep all the important moments of the relationship secret, the fans have the confidence that their union will be strong and durable. The reason is the common interests of the artists, including veganism and the struggle for animal rights, and their perfect compatibility - according to close couples, Joaquin and Rooney complement each other and are attracted, having opposite characters.