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Madelaine Petsch
Real name:
Madelaine Grobbelaar Petsch
Who is:
Birth date:
(29 y.o.)
Place of birth:
Port Orchard, Washington, U.S.
5'6 ft ()
119 lb (54 kg)
Birth Sign:
Chinese zodiac:

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Biography of Madelaine Petsch

Madelaine Petsch is an American actress who gained popularity for her role as Cheryl Blossom in the television series "Riverdale".
Actress Madelaine Petsch
Actress Madelaine Petsch

Childhood and Youth

Madeline Grobbelaar Petsch was born on August 18, 1994, in the small town of Port Orchard, Washington, USA. Her parents hail from South Africa, and she lived in both countries until she was ten years old.
Madeline Petsch in her childhood
Madeline Petsch in her childhood
At school, her peers cruelly mocked Madeline because of her bright red hair (she and her brother were the only redheads in town), her South African accent, and the fact that she did not identify with any religion.
I was the weirdest kid in this small town. I was often laughed at. My brother protected me, throwing stones at the bullies.
Petsch began dancing at three, attended a theater studio from the age of five, and later went to an art school. Immediately after graduating, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. To make ends meet in the big city, Madeline worked part-time as a barista.

Acting Career

In 2014, Madelaine appeared in a national ad campaign for Coca-Cola. The brand had just rebranded their packaging, introducing “personalized” labels, and photos of a joyfully laughing Madelaine (holding a bottle labeled “Brie”) appeared on street billboards, in subways, and on airplanes.
Madelaine Petsch
Madelaine Petsch
The following year, she landed two small roles in David Yarovesky's horror movie "The Hive" and the horros film "The Curse of Sleeping Beauty" (dir. Pearry Teo).
Madelaine Petsch's natural hair color is red
Madelaine Petsch's natural hair color is red
In February of the same year, Petsch was cast as Cheryl Blossom in the teen drama series "Riverdale", based on the "Archie" comics. She portrays a rich, capricious girl who recently lost her twin brother in a mysterious catastrophe.
Madelaine Petsch in the series ‘Riverdale’
Madelaine Petsch in the series ‘Riverdale’
Filming for the series began in September of the same year, and the premiere was on January 26, 2017. Madelaine's co-stars on set were KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and other young actors.

The project was a huge success, and Madelaine instantly gained a fan base, and her Instagram follower count reached millions.
Madelaine Petsch and Holland Roden
Madelaine Petsch and Holland Roden
For her role in 2017, Petsch received a Teen Choice Awards in the category "Choice Hissy Fit".

In December 2017, viewers had the chance to appreciate Petsch's acting in the comedy "F the Prom" (dir. Benny Fine), which did not gain particular popularity.

In 2019, the premiere of the movie "Polaroid" directed by Lars Klevberg took place, telling the story of high school students experimenting with a death-bearing “devilish” camera.
‘Polaroid’ - trailer
Besides filming in the project that brought Madelaine global fame, she also takes part in other shoots. For instance, in 2020, viewers could see her in the thriller "Sightless" and in the web-series "Day by Day".

Personal Life of Madelaine Petsch

Madelaine was raised as a vegetarian from childhood, just like her parents, and at the age of 14, she became a vegan, completely rejecting animal-based food.
I felt much healthier. There was no lethargy due to the lack of milk or eggs in my diet.
In 2017, Petsch participated in an informational campaign for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Petsch dated American musician Travis Mills. The pair met during the casting of the series "Riverdale". Travis auditioned for the role of Jughead Jones. Although Mills didn't get the role (it went to Cole Sprouse), he later congratulated Madelaine online and added her as a friend on Facebook. After the release of the first season, Travis and Madelaine met at a party in Los Angeles and have been inseparable ever since.
Madelaine Petsch and Travis Mills
Madelaine Petsch and Travis Mills
Her boyfriend had many tattoos, which Madelaine liked very much. But she is quite categorical about tattoos: "First of all, I am very indecisive, secondly, I like everything around me to be neat and tidy. I'm sure once I get a tattoo, I'll regret it the next day."
In February 2020, it became known that Travis and Madelaine broke up. The actress's ex-boyfriend posted a long and touching post about the breakup on his Instagram page, sharing his emotions with followers. Mills noted that he would always protect the girl, despite the breakup, but did not disclose the true reasons for it.
Madelaine and Travis broke up in February 2020
Madelaine and Travis broke up in February 2020
In March 2021, the girl was suspected of having an affair with fencer Miles Chamley-Watson. But neither of them commented on these rumors.
Madelaine Petsch and Miles Chamley-Watson
Madelaine Petsch and Miles Chamley-Watson
In August 2023, Madelaine officially announced the name of her new boyfriend - on the anniversary of their relationship. However, it turned out that they had known each other for nine years. The lucky man was Anthony Li, a music manager who worked with singer Halsey.
Madelaine Petsch and her boyfriend Anthony Li
Madelaine Petsch and her boyfriend Anthony Li
Fans often doubt that Madelaine's plump lips, fiery red hair, and thick lashes are real. "Everything about me is real: my lips, my hair color, and even my butt," she exclaimed indignantly during a "Cosmopolitan" interview.
my life in a nutshell - lollapalooza. Madelaine Petsch
She runs her own vlog on YouTube, where she talks about her everyday life and posts videos from shooting and travel, answering fans' questions.

Madeline Petsch Now

The filming of "Riverdale" continued until 2023. The seventh season was the finale. Saying goodbye to the project, 28-year-old Madeline admitted that the end of filming was one of the hardest weeks of her life. "The people I work with — the cast and crew — are truly some of the most phenomenal people on this planet. I was very lucky to have been with them for seven years," shared Petsch. The actress also shared plans to "detach" from Cheryl and move on to the next, no less important part of her career.
Cheryl Blossom in the final season of 'Riverdale'
Cheryl Blossom in the final season of 'Riverdale'
Even before the completion of "Riverdale", Madeline landed a role in Renny Harlin's trilogy "The Strangers". The actress, along with Froi Gutierrez, played a couple traveling across America. A car breakdown forces them to make an unplanned stop, leading to horrific consequences. The filming of all three parts was completed in just two months.
A scene from the movie 'The Strangers. Part 1'
A scene from the movie 'The Strangers. Part 1'

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    2021-05-11 19:54:42
  • After `Riverdale` Madelaine was take hold of the cool girl image from high school, that`s why she will have many other roles with the same type of character :)
    2021-04-16 21:21:48
  • Madelaine Petsch is a beauty but for now I can remember her only in `Riverdale`. I hope she can express herself in movies.
    2021-04-09 08:18:56
  • I saw her in `Riverdale` and I remembered her RIGHT AWAY! Just a magnific appearance!
    2021-03-24 14:12:55
  • Just another fake woman: big lips, thick eyelashes and not natural redhead. All fake.
    2021-03-24 11:44:08