Half nude Kim Kardashian catching Gummy Bears with her mouth

29 May 2018
The famous TV-star has revealed how she and her sister Kourtney entertain.

Showing some of the most savoury body parts has become a daily occurrence for Kim Kardashian that has become famous due to her curves, so even at home the star shines her powerful buttocks by wearing only a thong.

A couple of days ago Kim posted a photo featuring her and her sister Kourtney, in which they, well-built women in revealing dresses, horse around by playing with Gummy Bears on a couch. Kourtney tosses the snack into the air, while Kim is trying to catch it with her mouth. “Do you always wear only underwear?”, “Wow, adorable sisters”, “Looks as an opening scene from a porn film”, “Is this a high-to-wear thong or you have nothing on?” , “Perfect!”, “How many Gummy Bears have you already caught?” – commented Kim’s followers.

Kim has emphasized her love of Gummy Bears more than once. The model could head to the grocery store to get them in the middle of the night. So, wherever you spot a Gummy Bear, you can also see Kim’s revealing outfits… Having a fit figure is a big concern for Kim. It was recently declared that the celebrity plans on launching her own line of correctional lingerie. According to Kim, she is designing all of the models by herself, taking into account the special types of various women’s figures. As a reminder, past January Kardashian became a mother for the third time. She gave birth to a baby-daughter that was named Chicago. The baby was carried and delivered by a surrogate mother as the doctors forbade Kim from getting pregnant due to health issues. The model has mentioned multiple times that her and her husband – the rapper Kanye West dreamed of having a big family, and most likely, they won’t stop at having only 3 kids.