Emilia Clarke was Stunned by the Upcoming Season of «Game of Thrones»

16 January 2018
Actress Emilia Clarke amazed fans of the blockbuster series «Game of Thrones». The star of the show believes that fans are just not ready for what awaits them in the eighth season. Emilia did not disclose any details, but assured the public that the delay before the eighth season of the series (its release is planned for 2019) «worth the candles».

The seventh season of the fantasy epic was released in 2017. It consisted of seven episodes. Meanwhile, the series seriously stepped away from its basis, the works of George Martin, for the first time. This season is based on the only partially written book of the writer, and on the planned novel. It should be noted that many critics remained unpleased with the weak script in spite of the epic-ness of this season. 31-year-old Emilia Clarke plays the role of one of the main characters of the Saga in «Game of Thrones» – the mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. She plays in the series from the first season and, of course, she will appear in the eighth one too. A significant part of the audience and critics consider her acting as «wooden». However, many people cannot imagine another Daenerys already.

We should add that Emilia’s partner in the series Kit Harington got into ugly history in New York. He was kicked out of a local bar, as he stuck to visitors and provoked them.