Madonna is sick? Fans scared the stitches on her body

The singer often posts candid photos that make her fans worry. So, the other day Madonna published a photo on the network, which shows her scars.

Thus, the 62-year-old singer confirmed the rumors that she has certain health problems, because for a year now her condition has been discussed in the media. Initially, the reason for the excitement was Madonna's confession about joint pain. Now everything is more serious - a photo with scars on her leg convinced many fans that the singer had surgery.
Madonna signed the unusual picture with the phrase "Madame X survivor", referring to the title of her latest album. Despite the singer hinting at her health problems, fans don't despair - they cheer her up in the comments and wish her a speedy recovery.
The editors of remind that in 2020 Madonna amazed fans with a “naked” picture - in the photo the woman was practically naked and on crutches, which caused bewilderment on the network.