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Name: Kirsten Dunst

Real name: Kirsten Caroline Dunst

Birth date: 30 of April 1982 (37 y.o.)

Place of birth: Point Pleasant, New Jersey, U.S.

Height: 168 cm Weight: 55 kg

Birth Sign: Taurus

Chinese zodiac: Dog

Occupation: actress

Photo: Kirsten Dunst

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Biography of Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst is an American actress, whose career began in early childhood. In the course of time, she, unlike many child actors, has not lost popularity and remained sought-after. Kirsten is known for her role as Mary Jane in «Spider-Man» and Marie-Antoinette in the drama of the same name.
In the photo: Kirsten DunstIn the photo: Kirsten Dunst

Early years

Kirsten Caroline Dunst was born in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, on April 30, 1982. Her father, Klaus Dunst, supervised the medical care service, and her mother, Inez, worked as a flight attendant. They divorced when Kirsten was a schoolgirl. In 1993, the future actress along with her mother and younger brother Christian moved to Los Angeles.
Kirsten Dunst in childhoodKirsten Dunst in childhood
It is difficult to draw a line and separate Kirsten’s childhood from her career, since even the actress herself doesn’t know when she definitely decided that she wouldn’t do anything except cinema. Everything started with commercials: on the street or in the store from time to time people came up to Inez and said that her daughter’s place was just in the frame. The family decided that it was a good opportunity to earn extra money and save it for Kirsten’s college. So in 1985, Dunst first appeared on the set.
Kirsten Dunst in school yearsKirsten Dunst in school years
In spite of the contracts concluded with the Ford Models and Elite Model Management agencies, and participation in commercial shootings, Kirsten did not study externally or at home. She attended Ranney School in New Jersey, but received a certificate in a private Notre Dame High School in Los Angeles in 1999.
Kirsten Dunst was never embarrassed in front of the cameraKirsten Dunst was never embarrassed in front of the camera
Inez wasn’t satisfied with a little: she sent her daughter’s photos to the castings. In school years there were periods when Kirsten in the company of her mother visited more than 30 television and screen tests a month. Dunst was never embarrassed in front of the camera, and very quickly adapted to the working rhythm. Therefore, having matured, she did not change her profession ‒ Kirsten had already found her niche.

Acting career

Kirsten’s debut in cinema was the miscellany film «New York Stories» (1989). Despite the sonorous names of the film directors: Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese, it was difficult to call it a great success. The six-year-old actress did not even get into the final credit titles. But in the same year she had the opportunity to voice the central character in the American dubbing of the notorious anime «Kiki’s Delivery Service» directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
Kirsten Dunst in the movie «Star Trek: The Next Generation»Kirsten Dunst in the movie «Star Trek: The Next Generation»
Dunst regularly received episodic roles, and although her mother set herself the goal of helping her daughter with her career, she was satisfied with a sparing schedule: she did not want to keep her child excessively busy. Among other things, the young actress was noted in one of the series of the «Star Trek: The Next Generation» (1993).
 Kirsten Dunst, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in «Interview with the Vampire» Kirsten Dunst, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in «Interview with the Vampire»
A breakthrough in her career occurred in 1994, when the film «Interview with the Vampire» was released. Kirsten played as Tom Cruise’s and Brad Pitt’s companion. According to the story, all three of them were ghouls, and the eleven-year-old Dunst was supposed to depict a really adult in a child’s body. Her organic nature and talent was noted both by the audience and critics by the nomination for the Golden Globe for the Best Supporting Actress. She also got statuettes from Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor and from the MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance category.
Kirsten Dunst in the movie «Little Women»Kirsten Dunst in the movie «Little Women»
«Little Women» (1994) ‒ the film adaptation of the cult book for the USA, is another plus in the Kirsten’s filmography, especially since she worked on the same set with Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon and Claire Danes.
For her role in the fantasy «Jumandji» (1995), Dunst again received a nomination for Saturn, but this time the award was taken home by Christina Ricci. Appearance in the series «ER» (1996) was successful: 6 episodes allowed her to claim the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Drama Series in the United States.
Kirsten Dunst in «The Virgin Suicides»Kirsten Dunst in «The Virgin Suicides»
Kirsten came to the first meeting with the film director Sofia Coppola accompanied by her mother. The daughter of the famous Francis Coppola praised the actress for the fact that she did not remodel her teeth for the sake of Hollywood trends. Kirsten remembered this moment forever. After this conversation, she not only got a part in «The Virgin Suicides» (1999), but also acquired a friend in the person of one of the most promising female film directors.
Kirsten Dunst and Sofia CoppolaKirsten Dunst and Sofia Coppola
It was time for the actress to make experiments and choose an «easier» genre. During the following three years, she consistently starred in the dance comedy «Bring It On» (2000), the films «Get Over It» (2001) and «Spider-Man» (2002). All of them were aimed mainly at the youth audience. And the story about Peter Parker starring Tobey Maguire, become a cult one for a whole generation. The first part of the following trilogy stood at the origins of the era of superhero movie, so the actors risked agreeing to be shot: this niche did not yet have a fan base. {img#images/content/2018/10/uzn_15385001783.jpg Kirsten Dunst in «Mona Lisa Smile»} Further Dunst participated in «Mona Lisa Smile» (2003) ‒ a strong movie with a meaning that unobtrusively talks about the struggle of women for their rights. «Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind» (2004) with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in leading roles can be called a typical movie for Kirsten ‒ meaningful and dynamic one.
Kirsten Dunst in the movie «Spider-Man 2»Kirsten Dunst in the movie «Spider-Man 2»
Between the sequels «Spider-Man 2» (2004) and «Spider-Man 3: The Enemy in Reflection» (2007), the actress appeared in the sports movie called «Wimbledon» (2004), in which her partner was Paul Bettany, in «Elizabethtown» (2005) with Orlando Bloom and in the historical «Marie Antoinette» (2005) directed by Sofia Coppola.
Kirsten Dunst in the film «Marie Antoinette»Kirsten Dunst in the film «Marie Antoinette»
After the third part of Peter Parker’s adventures, the questions of the continuation of the franchise were repeatedly raised. However, the parties did not manage to agree. Dunst subsequently said that she regretted such a decision by the studio.
Kirsten Dunst in the movie «All Good ThingsKirsten Dunst in the movie «All Good Things
Kirsten bagan not the most productive period, in which maybe the film called «All Good Things» (2009) can be picked out. Director Andrew Jarecki screened the story about the rich heir, played by Ryan Gosling, who fell in love with a girl not from his circle.
«Melancholia» movie trailer with Kirsten Dunst’s participation
The next round of Dunst ‘s career is associated with «Melancholia» (2011) directed by Lars von Trier. The film turned out to be emotionally hard for audience and actors. Hardship of workflow was fully compensated Kirsten by the recognition: she won the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress, as well as another Saturn.
Kirsten Dunst in the film «Upside Down»Kirsten Dunst in the film «Upside Down»
As it had already happened in the career of the actress, she moved from bright films to those, which received her not so warmly. «Upside Down» (2011), «Bachelorette» (2012), «The Bling Ring» (2013) are very different, beginning from the genre and ending with the characteristics of the characters played by Dunst.
Kirsten Dunst ‒ «Turning Japanese»
Kirsten turned her attention to television and joined the cast of «Fargo « (2015) in the second season. For the role, she was on a special diet to gain some weight. Earlier the actress had talked about greater freedom for creative people in the production of TV series, while in the cinema money often comes first. At the same time, the quality of television projects improved, and Dunst wanted to check her theories in practice, therefore she signed the contract. The result ‒ high ratings of the series, meeting the future fiancé and nomination for Emmy and Golden Globe.
Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons in the series «Fargo»Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons in the series «Fargo»
Kirsten was impressed by the script of «Hidden Figures» (2016). She agreed to act including because of the partners in the film: Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae. Although they were on different sides of the barricades according to the plot, harmony reigned on the set. Many people noticed this ‒ the Box Office revenue exceeded the budget by almost 10 times. And although the Oscar did not submit to the film, the Screen Actors Guild awarded the film for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.
«The Beguiled» movie trailer with Kirsten Dunst participation
Sofia Coppola again invited Kirsten to work together on the «The Beguiled» (2017). The film director asked the old friend to lose some weight, but she refused. The shooting took place in Louisiana, where there is a rather high-calorie local cuisine, and Dunst, as she herself admitted, loved tasty food. Coppola did not insist.

Interesting facts

The actress supports the US Democrats and agitates for a candidate from this party at every election. Besides this, she calls upon Americans to go to the polling stations and participate more actively in the life of the country.
Kirsten Dunst is a supporter of the US Democratic PartyKirsten Dunst is a supporter of the US Democratic Party
Kirsten collaborates with a number of charitable foundations. Among the main activity directions of such organizations she chooses the fight against children’s diseases.

In 2008, there were rumors about the drug and alcohol addiction of the actress, according to which she allegedly was treated for several months in a rehabilitation center. Kirsten had to make a statement disproving this information. She actually spent some time in the clinic, but struggled not with bad habits, but with depression.
Kirsten Dunst has German citizenshipKirsten Dunst has German citizenship
In 2011, Dunst received German citizenship. Shooting, including Hollywood films, is often taken place in Europe, where filmmaking is cheaper, and the citizenship of one of the EU countries greatly simplifies travel. Since Kirsten’s parents are of German descent and his father was born in Stuttgart, there were no problems with obtaining documents.

Kirsten Dunst’s personal life

Since the whole life of the actress has passed in front of the media, her love-affairs attracted public attention and were widely discussed. Fans had a dream that her affair with Jake Gyllenhaal, started in 2002 ended in a wedding. The busy schedule killed the romanticism: the couple announced their split in 2004.
Kirsten Dunst and Jake GyllenhaalKirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal
Three years later, Kirsten began to appear in public accompanied by Johnny Borrell from indie rock band Razorlight. They did not stay together for a long time, since the shooting of the movie «On the Road» (2012) gave Dunst an acquaintance with a colleague Garrett Hedlund. The loving couple met up to 2016.
Kirsten Dunst with Jesse PlemonsKirsten Dunst with Jesse Plemons
Rumors about Kirsten’s love-affairs with Tobey Maguire, Adam Brody, Fabrizio Moretti often appeared in the media, but she very seldom answered frankly the questions about her personal life.
Kirsten Dunst with Jesse Plemons and little sonKirsten Dunst with Jesse Plemons and little son
Kirsten met the actor Jessie Plemons while working on «Fargo» (2015). Less than a year later, they became engaged, and in May 2018, they became parents. Firstborn was named Ennis Howard.

Kirsten Dunst now

Although motherhood made changes to the schedule of the actress, she is not going to stay away from the cameras for a long time. Dunst’s first experience as a director of the film «Under the Glass Cap» is approaching. It has no release date yet, but it is known who will be involved as actors: Dakota Fanning, Patrisha Arquette and Bel Powley, as well as Jesse Plemons ‒ Kirsten’s unofficial husband.
Kirsten Dunst is not going to stay away from the cameras for a long timeKirsten Dunst is not going to stay away from the cameras for a long time
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