Hathaway admitted Christopher Nolan forbids sitting on chairs on set

The difficulties of working with the famous director, actress Ann Hathaway, spoke about in an online interview organized by Variety.

Anne starred in two films by Christopher Nolan - “The Dark Knight” and “Interstellar”. And, according to the actress, the conditions of rest during the filming are a little strict. The words of Hathaway were confirmed by Hugh Jackman, who starred in Prestige.
According to the actors, Nolan adheres to such a concept of building work, in which "people who sit do not work." That is why Christopher minimizes the opportunity to relax on the site. Anne and Hugh also remembered a couple of directors who impose strict restrictions on the time of filming. They were Darren Aronofsky and Denis Villeneuve, who prohibit the use of mobile phones on the set.

Upon learning of the oddities with Christopher Nolan, Twitter users were unable to get around this information. So in a social network, a trend appeared to joke about why Christopher “forbids” chairs. Several users suggested that once someone threw a chair at him through the window, and since then Nolan has been hostile to them.