Britney Spears Accuses Her Ex-husband of Conspiring With Her Father

The singer has leveled accusations of betrayal against her former spouse. Britney Spears has discovered that Sam Asghari obstructed her victory in the guardianship case.

The Grammy Award-winning artist is navigating a divorce 13 months after tying the knot. Asghari filed for divorce upon learning of Spears' clandestine affair with a household assistant. The 41-year-old pop icon has intimated that she harbors grievances against Sam as well.
Britney Spears and Sam Asghari
Britney Spears and Sam Asghari
A confidant of Britney admitted that she began to doubt her partner long before he decided to initiate the divorce proceedings. The vocalist behind the hit "Gimme More" suspects that Asghari entered her life with ulterior motives. Spears believes that the young bodybuilder has been collaborating with her father, Jamie, for the entirety of their six-year acquaintance. She alleges that Asghari relayed information to him in exchange for access to her financially restricted accounts.

Britney has been grappling with years-long paternal guardianship, and any leaked information could adversely affect the success of her case. Notably, Sam had publicly supported the #FreeBritney movement in defense of the singer and expressed outrage at the elder Spears' controlling influence over their relationship.
Britney Spears suspects Sam Asgari spied on her for her father
Britney Spears suspects Sam Asgari spied on her for her father
As Spears' friend elucidated, Britney has reason to believe that Sam had been covertly working with her father Jamie from the inception of their relationship. Sam could have been supplying Jamie with information that would assist in keeping her under guardianship. In return, Sam was granted access to her and her finances. Now, Britney believes that Sam has been deceitful all along.

A friend of the artist also stated that she was "unhappy" in this union. The singer had been contemplating divorce for some time and desired an amicable separation from Sam.
Britney was done with Sam months ago and was very unhappy. There were plans in place to set Sam up with his own place and give him money to live on so that it would be amicable.
Due to a stringent prenuptial agreement, Asghari won't be able to secure additional privileges in the divorce. Thanks to its stipulations, Spears is free to disclose any details of their marital life in a book without fearing financial reprisals from her husband.
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