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Sean Connery
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Name: Sean Connery

Real name: Sir Thomas Sean Connery

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Place of birth: Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland

Death date: 31 october (90 y.o.)

Cause of death: find out natural causes

Place of bury: find out cremated, ashes scattered at Bahamas and Scotland

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Biography of Sean Connery

Sean Connery was a British actor of Scottish descent. He was the first actor to portray James Bond in the 007 series of films. He won an Oscar for his supporting role in "The Untouchables". He was knighted and held the title of Sir. He died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 90.
Pictured: Sean Connery
Pictured: Sean Connery

Childhood and Youth

Thomas Sean Connery was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1930. Sean's parents were simple workers. His father was a truck driver, and his mother worked part-time as a cleaner. To help his parents support the family, Sean quit school at the age of thirteen and took a job as a milk delivery boy.
Sean Connery as a child
Sean Connery as a child
A few years later, Connery joined the ranks of the British Royal Navy. During his service, he got two tattoos: "Mum and Dad" and "Scotland Forever". Connery was discharged and sent home to Edinburgh due to a stomach ulcer.
Sean Connery served in the British Navy
Sean Connery served in the British Navy
For the next few years, he worked in various fields. He was a laborer, a bodyguard, a bricklayer, and even a coffin polisher at one point. There was a time when he couldn't afford to rent an apartment, forcing Sean to sleep at his workplace, literally in a coffin.
Sean Connery was fond of bodybuilding in his youth
Sean Connery was fond of bodybuilding in his youth
In 1953, Connery took an interest in bodybuilding, and over time, this hobby began to bring him a small additional income from modeling bathing suits in advertisements. The pinnacle of Sean Connery's sports career was the "Mr. Universe" contest, where he managed to take third place. After this, he began to be invited for minor roles in movies and later became the main star in the theatre show "South Pacific".

Acting Career

Sean Connery made his Hollywood debut in 1955 with "Lilacs in the Spring". Four years after the release of the film, "Another Time, Another Place" hit the screens. His co-star on set was Lana Turner. The actress was in a relationship with both Connery and an unstable gangster, Johnny Stompanato, who was in Los Angeles during the filming and stormed the set with a gun aimed at Sean, but the situation was defused.
Sean Connery and Lana Turner in 'Another Time, Another Place'
Sean Connery and Lana Turner in 'Another Time, Another Place'
In 1959, Walt Disney invited Connery to star in "Darby O'Gill and the Little People". 20th Century Fox, with whom the actor had a seven-year contract at the time, agreed to let Connery work with Disney. The Scottish actor’s next role was in the 1961 film "Anna Karenina", based on the novel of the same name by Leo Tolstoy.
Sean Connery in 'Anna Karenina'
Sean Connery in 'Anna Karenina'
Connery had the opportunity to work with the master of thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock. He starred in the detective film "Marnie" in 1964.
Sean Connery in 'Marnie'
Sean Connery in 'Marnie'
For a long time, the Scotsman was not seen as a "star". However, luck smiled on him, and the charming smile and perfect figure appealed to the wife of the Bond producer, Dana Wilson. Then newspapers published photos of the contenders for the role of agent 007, and readers voted for Sean. Although the author of the Bond books, Ian Fleming, was against Connery's candidacy - at their first meeting, the actor seemed to him like a rough countryman. To which Sean replied, "Well, Fleming is smarter than his scribbles".
JAMES BOND - Sean Connery Era
In 1962, the first James Bond film, "Dr. No", was released, bringing Connery overwhelming success. The actor later starred in seven films about the British intelligence agent, including "From Russia with Love", "Goldfinger", and "Diamonds are Forever".
DR. NO - Bond, James Bond
In 1983, Sean Connery ended his "career" as James Bond and tried out other roles. In 1986, Sean took part in the filming of "Highlander", which laid the foundation for a series of science fiction action films about the universe created by Gregory Widen. In 1987, he played one of the leading roles in "The Untouchables", starring alongside Robert De Niro and Kevin Costner. For this work, Connery received an Oscar.
Sean Connery and Kevin Costner in 'The Untouchables'
Sean Connery and Kevin Costner in 'The Untouchables'
Two years later, Sean landed a role in the cult adventure film "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" with Harrison Ford.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - An Army of Birds
In 1989, the 59-year-old Connery was named "The Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine.
Sean Connery on «People» cover in 1989
Sean Connery on «People» cover in 1989
In 1996, Connery worked on the same set with Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris. The actors played the leading roles in Michael Bay's action film "The Rock".
Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage in 'The Rock'
Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage in 'The Rock'
In 1999, Sean starred in the thriller "Entrapment" alongside one of Hollywood's sex symbols, Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Entrapment: Catherine Zeta-Jones - Sean Connery
In 2000, Sean Connery declined the role of Gandalf in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, which was subsequently played by Ian McKellen. He explained this by saying that he "never liked fantasy".

Sean Connery's Personal Life

In 1962, Sean Connery married Australian actress Diane Cilento, with whom he was married for 11 years. Their son Jason, who also became a successful actor, was born in 1963. Jason Connery is best known for his roles in the series "The Otherworld" and "Doctor Who".
Sean Connery with Diane Cilento and their son
Sean Connery with Diane Cilento and their son
In 1975, Sean married for the second time French painter Micheline Roquebrune. They have been married for over 40 years, but Sean and Micheline don't have any children together.
Sean Connery and Micheline Roquebrune
Sean Connery and Micheline Roquebrune
In 2000, Connery received the title of Sir, being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.
Top 10 Sean Connery Performances
The actor advocated for Scotland's independence from Great Britain, and repeatedly stated that he would only return to his homeland once it gains independence.

Final Years and Death

In his final years, Connery hardly appeared in films due to health issues. In 1993, there were reports that he had throat cancer, and in 2009, he spoke about his heart failure. In the spring of 2013, media reported that Sean was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.
In recent years, Sean Connery hardly appeared in films
In recent years, Sean Connery hardly appeared in films
Additionally, he often mentioned he didn't see any worthy scripts, and he was not interested in wasting his energy on low-quality cinema. His last full-length movie, "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", was released in 2003. Since then, he worked on a few voice-over projects for animated films and he served as the executive producer for the animated film "Sir Billi" in 2012. The same year, he was offered a minor role as a forester in the new James Bond film, but he declined.

In August 2020, the actor turned 90. Due to health problems, he made very few public appearances. According to his widow, in his last days, he was barely conscious and had a hard time expressing his thoughts and feelings. On October 31 of the same year, it was announced that Sir Sean Connery had passed away peacefully in his sleep.

According to the actor's final wishes, he was cremated, and his ashes were divided into two parts. One part was scattered over the Bahama Islands, where Sir Connery spent his final years with his family, and the other part was scattered over his native land, Scotland.
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