Meghan Markle blackmailed Prince Harry at the beginning of their romance

30 September 2022
The beginning of their life together can hardly be called beautiful and rosy — Megan constantly blackmailed the prince, demanding to publicly announce that they are a couple. Otherwise, she threatened to leave him.

The prince did everything to please his beloved Meghan. As noted by royal columnist Valentine Lowe, the girl was determined — she warned Harry that if he continued to hide their affair, she would leave him. The prince was in a panic.

Harry called Kensington Palace's public relations secretary Knauf and asked him to release a statement saying Meghan was his girlfriend.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Markle wanted public confirmation of the seriousness of their relationship. She was convinced that the palace did not want to protect her from the attacks of the media. The girl was going through not the easiest period in her life — she became the main object for trolling all over the world, and the barrage of negativity that hit her daily, as she herself says, "just took her down."
By the way, the same Lowe notes that at first the brunette behaved too arrogantly and arrogantly, every now and then bringing the servants to tears.

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