Hollywood Beauties with Ugly Legs

It would seem that everything is perfect in Hollywood stars. Shiny hair, well-groomed skin, and gorgeous outfits are what many people envy when they see celebrities in the movies or on the red carpet. However, flaws are common to all, and many stars also have flaws that are not visible from the cover of magazines or the TV screen.

Some stars try to correct an uneven nose all their lives, others struggle with fullness (which, by the way, even suits many). Similarly, nature did not endow all Hollywood stars with slender long legs. Some stars are embarrassed by this, while others, on the contrary, wear open clothes, trying to overcome their complex.
Of course, you should not judge them for this, however, among the stars in the selection, there are quite unexpected examples, such as the ideal beauty Angelina Jolie and almost chronic cellulite on Rihanna's legs. However, all these shortcomings do not prevent them from pleasing us with their bright works, acting in films, or performing on stage. Take a look at our photo selection and make sure that there are simply no ideal people in the world, and there are spots in the sun too. In our selection - photos of celebrities whose legs do not look very attractive.
Kim Kardashian and her feet
Kim Kardashian and her feet