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Lisa Bonet
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Lisa Michelle Bonet
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(56 y.o.)
5'2 ft ()
110 lb (50 kg)
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Biography of Lisa Bonet

The actress Lisa Bonet does not have many star roles. The media pay more attention to her husband and personal life. But no matter how famous Lisa’s husbands are, she will always be an icon of the 90s and one of the prettiest women in the world. Net worth: $14 million.
Actress Lisa Bonet
Actress Lisa Bonet

Her Childhood

Lisa Michelle Bonet was born on November 16, 1967, in San Francisco. Her father Allen Bonet, an African American, was an opera singer, and he left the family shortly after the birth of his daughter. The future star was raised by the mother, Arlene Litman, a Jewish woman from Ashkenazi, who was a music teacher in the college.
Lisa Bonet in her youth
Lisa Bonet in her youth
The mixing of the blood of different nationalities reflected in the girl’s bright exotic appearance, but despite her beauty, Lisa was a shy child. Only joining the drama club, the girl became self-confident and made friends. Graduating from high school, Lisa knew that she would become an actress.

The Beginning of Her Career

Lisa received her acting education at the Celluloid Actor’s Studio. At the age of 16, she starred in several episodes of the most popular in America in those years the medical TV series St. Elsewhere, where Denzel Washington, Mark Harmon, William Daniels, and David Morse also played the roles.
The young actress Lisa Bonet
The young actress Lisa Bonet
In 1985, Bill Cosby, a father of the stand-up comedy genre and Christmas sweaters with reindeer, invited Lisa to his new project The Cosby Show. Her role in the sitcom about the life of the wealthy African-American Huxtable family revealed a girl’s comedic talent. Lisa has played the daughter of Crosby for five years. She left the show after a conflict with Bill Cosby.
Lisa Bonet in The Cosby Show
In the 90s, Lisa, whose photos were on the covers of glossy magazines, was considered an icon of beauty. Bone made the dreadlocks popular. During two seasons, she played with her dreadlocks in The Cosby Show and became a trendsetter of the new youth fashion.

Her Best Roles

According to, in 1987, it was released Alan Parker’s infernal masterpiece Angel Heart, based on the novel Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg. It is a neo-noir story of the detective Harry Angel, played by Mickey Rourke. New Orleans was presented in all its gloomy beauty: jazz, voodoo, and vicious passion were personified by Lisa Bonet, who played the role of Epiphany.
Lisa Bonet in the movie Angel Heart
Lisa Bonet in the movie Angel Heart
The scene of the stormy, almost animal passion between Angel and Epiphany is considered one of the most beautiful erotic scenes in cinema. It is an interesting fact that this sex scene has been shot with one double. Lisa says that she has really experienced a sense of ecstasy, which the audience sees.

In the 1993 black comedy Bank Robber, Lisa starred as Priscilla. In this movie, the thief Billy decided on a daring bank robbery for his girlfriend. Patrick Dempsey played this unlucky robber, who died just as absurd as he had lived. Forest Whitaker and Judge Reinhold also starred in Nick Mead’s movie.
The height of Lisa Bonet is 157 cm
The height of Lisa Bonet is 157 cm
In the best film of 1999 Enemy of the State, Liza played a small but bright role of Rachel, who gave a fatal videotape to the character by Will Smith. Lisa starred with Gene Hackman, Jon Voight, Ian Hart, Jack Black, and Gabriel Byrne in this movie.
Lisa Bonet in Enemy of the State
Lisa Bonet in Enemy of the State
From 2000 to 2008, Lisa starred in several movies. The most significant movies are High Fidelity, where she starred with John Cusack and Jack Black, and the legendary Biker Boyz. The crime drama about the counter-culture medium received not very flattering reviews of the critics, but the audience was fascinated by the driving atmosphere of the movie and the cast. Lisa played the role of Queenie. She starred with Laurence Fishburne, Orlando Jones, and the rock'n'roll rebel Kid Rock.
Lisa Bonet in Biker Boyz
Lisa Bonet in Biker Boyz
The 2013 hooligan project Drunk History, Lisa’s episode was one of the funniest. Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Connie Britton and Winona Ryder were the celebrities, who had voiced drunken revelations.

In 2014, the actress starred in the dramatic thriller Road to Paloma. In the luxurious drama, Lisa played with Jason Momoa, who was also a director and her husband.
Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa in Road to Paloma

Personal Life of Lisa Bonet

At the age of 19, Lisa, shining at the top of the Hollywood hills, met Lenny Kravitz. In 1985, the musician has just started his career, but Lisa is not at all confused. Lenny was three years older than she was. His veins were also filled with Jewish and African blood that became clear on the first date and immediately brought young people together.
Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz
Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz
They were married in 1987. The following year, the couple had a daughter Zoë Kravitz. 5 years later, they divorced.

Lenny says that Lisa is the best thing that has happened to him in his life. After the divorce, they kept a friendly relationship.
Lisa Bonet and her daughter Zoe Kravitz
Lisa Bonet and her daughter Zoe Kravitz
In 2005, Lisa began dating Jason Momoa, who, in his own words, had fallen in love with Lisa since The Cosby Show. At the time of their meeting, Jason has been a successful model, and he has already played his first role in the movies. Now, he is known as Aquaman from the DC movies and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.
Lisa Bonet and her husband Jason Momoa
Lisa Bonet and her husband Jason Momoa
In 2007, the family had a daughter, Lola. In 2008, Lisa gave birth to their son Nakoa. The Momoa-Bonet family lives in Lisa’s huge estate in the suburb of Los Angeles. The land has belonged to her for 25 years, and, according to the star, she will never be able to leave this paradise.
Lisa Bonet, her husband, and children
Lisa Bonet, her husband, and children
Lisa was able to create a dream life. The actress is happy, and she does not hide it. She thinks that Jason is the alpha male. The personification of a real man, a wild unbridled temper of the Hawaiian actor miraculously coincides with Lisa’s delicate and gentle nature. She can spend hours talking about the merits of her sweetheart, especially noting that the inner beauty of Jason is reflected in his handsome appearance. The age difference between Lisa and Jason is 13. But for true love, age just numbers, isn’t it?

Lisa Bonet Now

Lisa has rarely appeared in public places, and she has not starred in the movies since 2014. In an interview for Elle, Lisa has admitted that the upbringing of her children and the support of her husband, who is at the peak of fame, are the most important things for her.
Acting is no longer my passion, Lisa says. She has begun drawing. However, she notes that directing and writing scripts for children`s shows also attract her attention.
In 2018, Lisa Bonet was 50. She believes that her life has just begun.

  • I haven`t watched a lot of films with Bonet, but I liked all that I saw with her. Especially cool is «Drunk History».
    2021-04-17 18:59:32
  • In Angel Heart, Lisa Bonet amazed me with her beauty, femininity and talent, of course.
    2021-04-13 16:13:41
  • The incredible beauty Bonet conquered me for a very long time and now I am happy to follow her :) in a good way!
    2021-04-11 09:21:58
  • Is it Zoe Kravitz`s mother by any chance ??? They are very similar. I just don`t know the name of Zoe`s mother, but I`m pretty sure that is she.
    2021-03-08 16:11:40
  • Lisa certainly has an exotic appearance. I think this is what makes her catchy.
    2021-02-23 16:39:01