Emily Ratajkowski explained why she participates in half-naked photo sessions

Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski became famous thanks to rather extraordinary photo sessions in candid poses. Also, created a brand of underwear, the girl became his face, posing for advertising half-naked.

The girl diligently supports the image of a sex bomb, and fans are happy to look at her new photos. So, in March 2020, an Instagram post with candid photos Emily scored nearly a million likes per day.
Having starred for the next cover of the magazine, Emily Ratajkowski told reporters why she is so actively involved in such photo sessions. According to the girl, the body gave her the way to live and helped build an impeccable career. Initially, Ratajkowski poses half-naked not at all for the soul, but “for the sake of survival”. Now, having worldwide popularity, Emily respects the modeling business and takes part in filming with pleasure.
Emily Ratajkowski is trying to destroy the social stereotypes
Emily Ratajkowski is trying to destroy the social stereotypes
It is worth noting that in 2018 the model already commented on its participation in candid photo shoots. According to Ratajkowski, she uses defiant angles and a minimum of clothing to “destroy social stereotypes.”