What have led Britney Spears to mental problems?

As you may know, last April Britney Spears was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital.

Britney (37) did that willingly. As she told her followers later, the reason was her father James Spears’ hard illness.

The singer has been trying to cure her mental illness since 2007. She was hospitalized for a few times, asked for help at therapy but didn’t win against Bipolar disorder always. Actually, she is familiar with drugs, hard antidepressants and suicide attempts.
Britney Spears looks tired
Britney Spears looks tired
The last few years Britney is able to live a normal life. She hits the gym, dating with a young handsome man and brought her kids up. What have led Britney on a hospital bad again?
6 Causes That Led Britney To Mental Problems