Meghan Markle and prince Harry were forced to show their son

The first photo of Meghan and Harry’s son appeared on Sussexs’ official Instagram.

The heir was born in the beginning of May. After his birth happy parents took a photo shoot with a baby in the hands. Actually, they weren’t planning to show the newborn to the mass. It was a coincidence.
Prince Harry, Meghane Markle and their son
Prince Harry, Meghane Markle and their son
The thing is that on June 15 on SussexRoyal19 Twitter, which had been perceived as the official profile of royal spouses, appeared a picture of a newborn wrapped in a green towel. The photo was deleted later. According to the press office of the Kensington Palace, SussexRoyal19 is a fake and the baby in the photo is not Archie. Also, the Father Day was coming. So the parents decided to instagram a real picture of their baby. wants to remind: Harry and Meghan married the last spring. Unfortunately, their marriage was overshadowed by some scandals such a quarrel of Meghan with her father and the rumors about the Queen doesn’t approve Harry’s choice.
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