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Name: Cameron Monaghan

Real name: Cameron Riley Monaghan

Birth date: 16 of August 1993 (25 y.o.)

Place of birth: Santa Monica, California, US

Height: 182 cm Weight: 87 kg

Birth Sign: Leo

Chinese zodiac: Rooster

Occupation: actor, model

Photo: Cameron Monaghan

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Cameron Monaghan’s Biography

Cameron Monaghan is a versatile American actor who got most of his fame after taking part in the TV series Gotham and Shameless. The young actor’s striking features are his red hair and his ability to transform into any new character. No matter gay, psycho or just a fun beau, he will approach the role with the highest degree of professionalism and charisma.
Cameron Monaghan is not only the red-head from ShamelessCameron Monaghan is not only the red-head from Shameless

Cameron Monaghan's Childhood

Cameron was born in Santa Monica, California. He came from a single-parent family: his mother Diane, a 28-year-old Irish woman of Polish descent, had him, so to say, for her own heart. Cam’s father had no role whatsoever in the son’s life.
Little Cameron MonaghanLittle Cameron Monaghan
Soon after his birth, Cam’s family moved to Boca Raton, Florida. Diane had to work a lot to guarantee Cameron a happy childhood. They lived a life of very modest means, renting a tiny house. Little Cam went to kindergarten and his mother spent all her time at work.

His modest life did not stop the boy from growing into a smart and active child. He had always dreamt of becoming an actor, loved watching movies and appearing in different characters. As Cameron himself admitted, he even learned how to read from subtitles. In the end, he confessed to his mom that acting as the dream of his life. She then realized that her charming red-headed little boy had all the chances, hired a photographer and sent the taken pictures around all advertising agencies. This is how in 1998 his picture ended up on the cover of a glossy magazine, and two years later he appeared in his first ever commercial.
Cameron Monaghan's mother encouraged the start of his careerCameron Monaghan's mother encouraged the start of his career

Cameron Monaghan's Acting Career

And in 2009 already the 9-year-old Cameron Monaghan got his first professional experience on-set of the kind-hearted family picture The Wishing Stone. Sadly, the movie never aired. The boy’s following film also received little attention: The Music Man. His character had a slight resemblance to the boy himself – a child who never knew his dad. The entire filming crew was aware of the boy’s past, and the project’s director Matthew Broderick, particularly emphasized with the boy’s personal drama and took the boy under his wing.
Child pictures of Cameron MonaghanChild pictures of Cameron Monaghan
Thus, the year 2002 became life-changing for Monaghan: as per Broderick's advice, he relocated to Los Angeles to audition for the TV series Family Affair. They did not give him the role, but noticed the cheerful red-haired boy and invited him to the series Malcolm In the Middle. He got the role of Chad – a skeptical guy-best friend of the main character. Later Cameron appeared in 6 episodes in the series and even received a Young Artist Award from the Young Artists Foundation.
Scene from the series Malcolm in the MiddleScene from the series Malcolm in the Middle
In the coming years, Cam would successfully combine filming and living the life of an ordinary curious child. It must be noted that Diane Monaghan always considered her son to be an outstandingly talented kid. Which is why the boy attended a school for gifted children. Studying, acting school and football – the child prodigy did it all, channeling his overflowing energy into different activities. His filmography expanded with several other projects, including the popular TV series Criminal Minds (Season 2, Episode 6). And any breather the mother and son would spend together, going to the movies or theatre.

Cameron Monaghan's Best Roles: Shameless and Other Projects

Cameron gained his mind-blowing popularity in 2011, after the airing of the movie Shameless, where he got the role of a bizarre teenager.
Shameless: Cameron Monaghan as Ian GallagherShameless: Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher
Even though this was a remake of a British TV-series, the project unquestionably broke any records earlier belonging to the original. The madly popular show’s synopsis is as goes: the Gallaghers, a large family, struggling to make ends meet. The father (William Macey) drinks his days away and barely ever comes home; the mentally unstable mother ran away from home several years ago and the entirety of responsibility for 6 children is borne by 20-year-old Fiona (Emmy Rossum). And although this irrational social unit keeps on finding themselves in the most insoluble of situations, they always find a way out with their dark humor and close family ties.
The crazy GallaghersThe crazy Gallaghers
Cameron Monaghan landed the role of Ian Gallagher, the third child of the family. He is a charming and reasonable guy, albeit hiding his sexuality from his family.
Ian Gallagher is gay; Cameron Monaghan is notIan Gallagher is gay; Cameron Monaghan is not
Before his next significant project, he would go on to take part in the comedy Prom, the mystical drama Jamie Marks Is Dead, young adult Vampire Academy and the anti-utopia The Giver.
A scene from The GiverA scene from The Giver
In 2014, he was offered a role of serial killer Jerome Valeska (the Joker) in the TV-show Gotham. Monaghan made a very natural murderer. As Cameron himself admitted, he rehearsed Jerome’s laughter for months and months.
Cameron Monaghan in Gotham
Apart from his work on the new seasons of Gotham and Shameless in 2016, Cameron Monaghan was also engaged in the filming of Mercy Street and Son of Zorn. The former is a Civil War drama, and the latter is a dark comedy about the adventures of barbarian Zorn in the modern world.
Cameron Monaghan on the set of Shameless, Season 7Cameron Monaghan on the set of Shameless, Season 7

Cameron Monaghan's Private Life

Once a follower of Cameron’s asked him online if he was actually gay. The actor gave a very straightforward answer: No, I’m not gay. Yes, I play a gay character. No, the question should not be relevant. The same information goes for Noel Fisher, who played Cam’s boyfriend -Mickey Milkovich.
Cameron Monaghan and Noel Fisher played a very convincing gay couple
The actor is very thorough at keeping his private life private. In 2012, he dated Liana Liberato, famous for her performance in If I Stay and The Best of Me. But already in 2014, the actor was more and more often seen with long-legged British model Sadie Newman. Everyone believed that the wedding was near, but the couple broke up in the fall of 2015. It is still unknown, who Cameron Monaghan’s new girlfriend is and even if there is one.
Cameron Monaghan and his ex-girlfriend Sadie Newman (center)Cameron Monaghan and his ex-girlfriend Sadie Newman (center)
In his free time, Cameron enjoys making music, playing the guitar, drums, and harmonica. By the way, he learned to play the piano on his own. Every winter his friends and he choose a couple of weekends to go snowboarding. As Cameron admits, he prefers motorcycles to cars. Rather than going to the gym, he would go for a run or boxing.
Cameron Monaghan in his childhood and nowCameron Monaghan in his childhood and now

Cameron Monaghan now

Cameron is involved in filming the TV series Love Daily, dedicated to the search for love. 2018 saw the start of season one, but the creators already speak about the possible continuation of the story. It is also known that Cameron Monaghan is one of the key actors in the upcoming movie Anna Dressed in Blood, the screen picture of Kendare Blake’s book. The movie will be produced by Stephenie Meyer.
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