Selena Gomez Quarreled with her Mother Because of Bieber and Tries to Make Peace

The young pop singer Selena Gomez, not so long ago resumed her relationship with Justin Bieber, according to the journalists, is trying to make peace with her mother.

In November 2017 Selena Gomez re-started to date with Justin Bieber (formerly the young people spoiled each other a lot of blood), and the other day she unsubscribed from more than two hundred people in Instagram. In addition, she changed her photo in the microblog to her mother’s one. Also, the singer posted on Instagram a photo of her father's house in Texas, noting that she has lived there from birth until 13 years of age. Gomez has confessed that she tries to visit her hometown as often as she can because she loves it. It is known that after the appearance of news that Gomez and Bieber are back together, Mandy Typhus, the mother of singer, had a fight with her, and since then they had barely spoken. Will a shrewd move help Selena to restore relations with her mother, is unclear. It should be noted that the mother means much for the girl. Two years ago, the singer posted on Instagram a picture in which Typhus embraces her being a little girl. The singer commented the touching photo: «She's someone due to whom I wake up in the morning. Thanks to her I am who I am».

Gomez began dating Bieber in 2011 for the first time, and, on hearing this, the fans of the young singer began to threaten the singer. After that, the young people broken up and reunited several times. Their last reunion, as noted above, occurred at the end of the last year.