Putin`s Campaign Headquarters Will be Opened Next to the Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is conducting his campaign right on his working place. Still, his campaign resembles the ones of other candidates. He will also open his campaign headquarters.

It is reported that the election headquarters of President opens in Gostiny Dvor building, which is located on the street Ilyinka directly next to the Kremlin and is considered to be a historical monument. It should be noted that during the parliamentary elections in 2012, Vladimir Putin has positioned his headquarters in a more modest place in the Moscow City Hall on Novy Arbat. Then the election headquarters of the Russian leader was headed by Stanislav Govorukhin. Who will perform this honorable duty at this time is unclear. At the same time, the main opponent of Vladimir Putin, politician Alexei Navalny, is simply not admitted to the elections. He considers his ban on his participation in the elections to be unconstitutional, but the CEC, its leader, Ella Pamfilova and Vladimir Putin have a different opinion on this account.

The dissident is not going to accept the fact that he is not admitted to the elections. Previously, he announced the boycott of the elections by his supporters and those citizens who are unhappy with this situation. These people are not only defiantly would not vote, but also, according to the plan policy, will be recorded in the observers. In addition, Navalny has promised to hold protests. One of them, he had already planned on 28 January, in advance of submitting a notification to the authorities.