«Sesame Street» Shot the Parody on «Stranger Things»

American kid comedy educational show «Sesame Street» is famous for its serious approach to the content. They're doing parodies of famous TV shows and also invite the most fashionable celebrities to the show releases.

So, you can found «Game of Thrones» among their parodies (the doll in the movie «Sesame Street» playing «Extra chair») and «Star Wars». Jim Parsons, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lupita Nyong'o and many others were among the guests at the time.

At this time, «Sesame Street» parodied the series «Stranger Things». The name of the parody can be translated as «Giving Staff Away» and it deals with Halloween. The characters discuss the traditional march to the neighboring houses for candy in the style of «trick or track». Parody includes all major characters of the show — including the heroine of Millie Bobby Brown, the girl with superhuman abilities, named Eleven, and Mike Wheeler, who played Finn Wolfhard.
«Sesame Street» parodied the series «Stranger Things»
We have previously reported that recently Millie Bobby Brown appeared on the red carpet with bright makeup and «adult» dress, what caused great concern of her fans.
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