Brad Pitt came to the premiere of a new action movie dressed up in a skirt

The actor became the main star of the red carpet and simply could not be ignored. His outfit literally made a splash.

The high-profile premiere of the Hollywood action movie Faster than a Bullet took place in Berlin on July 19. The picture gathered a truly stellar cast: starring Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Zazie Beetz, Joey King and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

The most anticipated guest of the evening and the main star of the red carpet in Berlin was the 58-year-old actor Brad Pitt. All the attention of photographers and spectators was riveted only to him and there were reasons for that. The actor, who usually does not chase fashion, came to the show ... in a skirt.
Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt
The delight of the fans knew no bounds. The look was completed with black combat boots. The hem of the skirt ended just above the knee, so that the actor could boast of strong calves, decorated with tattoos.
We at considered the actor is good in any image - both with skirt and without it.
  • I stick to one style - somehow since childhood I don't like all these experiments
    2022-08-01 18:34:11
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